My kitchenology

There is this paal pathiram
And of course the vaal pathiram
The rice goes in the pottu pathiram
Sambar in kuzhambu pathiram…

Kuzhivu pathiram is for keerai masiyal
Which goes with vetha kuzhambu, always loyal…
The kuzhivu helps the wooden mathu to mash
So that the combination is one of royal.

We even had a abhisheka pathiram
And a thenga thiruval muram.

The Aappam chatti
The Iluppachatti
And the kal chatti.
Not to forget the Appakarai
To make the delicious sweet bombs
Called the Appams !
Idly paanai
Arisi paanai
Thanni sombu
Eeya sombu
Ennai sombu
And the puja special pithalai sombu !

Separate are the plates to eat
And are never mixed with the rest of the fleet.

It can be Non-stick or made of Iron
But Dosa tawas are treated as kitchen scion
For it’s the perfect dosa spread
That many people tire in dread
Which can make a Super-Chef out of an ordinary person !

We do have a few more rules
Of tea spoons, dinner spoons and other kitchen tools
Wooden spatulas and their steel angles
Not to forget the baking chronicles!!
Then there are the bottles and candles
And the recipes to handle…
Being in a kitchen humbles
As even an expert can fumble.

Every pathiram has a job to do
And they hold onto it like glue
The jobs don’t get interchanged
It’s a rule of my kitchen game.

I believe that there is methodology
In my kitchenology πŸ˜€


Pathiram – Vessel

Paal – Milk

Vaal – The vessel with the handle

Pottu – Dots – The vessel with a dotted design all around it

Kuzhambu – Sambar and stuff similar to it

Kuzhivu – Curved at the base

Keerai – Greens similar to palak

Masiyal – Name of the keerai dish – just cook keerai with jeera, mash well with a spoon of rice flour, add salt and do a tadka of mustard seeds and red chillies – basic and delicious.

Mathu – Masher

Abhishekam – Its the bathing ritual for God. We had a separate vessel to hold the water for God and we never used it for any other purpose.

Thengai thiruval muram – Coconut scraping plate

Aappam chatti – The kadai to make Aappam – the hemisphere like rice pancakes
Iluppachatti – Kadai
Idly paanai – The vessel meant for steaming idlies
Arisi paanai – The vessel to store rice
Thanni sombu – The pot to store water and drink from it too…small and handy
Eeya sombu – The special pot made out of tin alloy for making rasam which smells like heaven…seriously.
Ennai sombu – The pot for storing oil.
Pithalai sombu – The brass potΒ used in puja.


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