Dosa tales :D

It’s a matter of pride for me.  The dosa I make is always crispy, the perfect golden brown and the concentric circles look very appetizing. I take time to temper my tawa to the right temperature and always maintain a consistent temperature while spreading the batter. And I feel like a scientist when I talk about how the high and low temperatures affect the texture and crispness of the dosa.  Also when someone tries to make dosa using my tawa and they don’t get it right, I have this feeling of proud ownership, where my tawa listens only to me. And the next moment, in front of their eyes, I make a fabulous dosa in my tawa – it’s all about the correct temperature, you see 😉

From the time I started making the dosa batter, its been a learning curve. The proportion of rice to urid dal, the coarseness of the ground rice, the amount of fermentation everything plays a major role in getting that perfect dosa.  And I’ve experimented and learnt on the way.

When I was in Grade 8, my thatha gave me the test of making dosa. I’ve already written about it many times but that exhilarating feeling of making a perfect dosa the first time and the nod of appreciation from my maternal grandfather, is just too good to pass by without mentioning.  And I’ve graduated well from that day in Grade 8 to an expert on making dosa.  Give me any variant, I’m all for it – Rava dosa, Masala dosa, Wheat dosa, Ragi dosa and even the jaggery variant.  With coconut chutney, sambar and milagai podi, its a match made in heaven ! Of course the sweet variants need pickle 😀

I’ve always admired my amma’s dosa making skills. That perfectly round dosa has taken me to heavenly bliss when I used to come back from work, tired and drained. Her rava dosas are a class apart. She actually sits on the kitchen top during the rava dosa sessions as it always takes a hell a lot of time. And I’ve always dreamed of making rava dosas like her. Now…when she appreciates my rava dosa skills, it’s a moment to behold and smile at the perfect transfer of genes pertaining to dosa.

I had the most amazing iron dosa tawa which was a fabulous gift from my amma during my wedding. But, I’ve switched to non-stick pans owing to my tennis elbow problem. The use of iron tawa needs a bit of effort and my strained muscles used to hurt a lot and then I switched to non-stick pans. And I keep changing the pans quite often for that perfect outcome of dosa.

That reminds me the reason for this post. I realized this morning that my dosa tawa needs to be replaced and I’m going to buy a new one. Sigh…more crispy dosas await everyone at home 🙂


10 Replies to “Dosa tales :D”

  1. Dosa was apparently the first thing I cooked.. Back when I was 4/5yrs old.. And I like my dosa slightly soft and thick, dont like thin crispy ones.. 🙂


  2. I have this dosai thiruppi borrowed from Amma.. I claim it as my best seedhanam from her 🙂 it holds so much of my childhood memories starting from Amma throwing it at me to Amma dishing out crispy dosas..


  3. I LOVE Rava dosa, well all types of dosas, but Rava dosa get extra love. Unfortunately I can’t make it to save my life. I should try and figure it out one of these days. Till then I will stay green with envy for your dosa making skills!

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