Day 28 – The hug in memory

When you hug me tight
With your nose pressed against my neck
When the hands so warm
Go around me in embrace
I lock that moment
Of love from me to you
And you to me
In my memory forever.

And when I feel low
Or when I’m going slow
When the heart misses your presence
And I keep telling your name in resonance
Or keep talking about your childish deeds
And laugh about it too with tears indeed
I open up that locked memory
And remember that hug and your fragrance.

It might not be a great thing
It’s just a memory
But it’s very potent in its ability
To make me feel better instantly
And the low phase vanishes
The smile spreads
It’s a good thing I did
To lock that hug in memory.

Till the time I see you again
And get another hug to lock it in
This one inside me
Will keep me going strong.

Oh yeah…I miss you baby
But your smile and you being happy
Makes me feel complete here.
You’ve become so strong
So confident of your ways
The ability to adapt and change
The way you put your foot down
For things you believe so strong
And how you give in
For friends who really mean
The way you are learning
The subjects of your choice
Is indeed a proud moment
Which I’ll cherish forever.

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