Day 27 – When 3 girls meet


When 3 girls meet
What do you expect? 😀

We had lost moments, to compensate
And to gossip on the updates
Filled with giggles and laughter
There’s no moment more greater !

The coffee mugs talk too
Of continued conversations from the two.

This moment I cherish
Makes me flourish
With a happy face
I go through this phase
And then we’ll meet, so our hearts nourish
In the warmth of the bond between us !



About UmaS

A Stay At Home Mom trying desperately to make a difference, in whatever I do !!!
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2 Responses to Day 27 – When 3 girls meet

  1. Aunty G says:

    Bonding with babes becomes boisterous
    Animated conversations, banal, serene or serious
    The foaming mugs of coffee
    Make the maids more merry
    Stash these moments away — they make nostalgia lustrous!


  2. Priya Nagesh says:

    How evocative! Poetry becomes you, especially with images. Lovely, flowing lines.


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