Day 26 – The cramps and some gyaan

Okies…this is a gyaan post, as the title reveals. But have patience and read through it, my dear girls 🙂

Recently, I’ve seen some viral videos of a woman menstruating or about a write-up where she walked with a stained trousers on the road.  It’s not now…all these kind of things keep happening now and then.  I feel the women are bursting out to tell that this suppressing thoughts of menstruation need to stop.

Here’s what I think:  Our body, the woman’s body, is the place of procreation and we’ve the tremendous responsibility of carrying a baby for 9 months and then bringing it out to this world. This responsibility comes with a tag of monthly menstruation. It’s the way our body has been created and we need to accept and respect that.

And every time we carry out this responsibility of procreation, the body goes through tremendous amount of stress, change of hormones and it varies entirely from woman to woman. We need to understand this and give rest to the body to come back to normalcy.  There is always a resting period after the baby is born.

Similarly, the tag that comes along also plays havoc with a woman’s hormones, her body stress levels and even tests the pain-bearing capacity of the woman.  Sometimes we feel hot and sometimes we feel cold.  It hurts in the back or in the thighs or the lower tummy or the boobs or a combination of any of these things.  And this is also the time to rest the body and give it time to get back to normalcy.  If a woman is able to perform normal chores during this time, she can very well go ahead and do them all – running, exercising, working long hours !!  Just need to understand how much our body can take during these times.

And then there are women, like us, who are drained out because of the cramps.  Without any cramps, just the heavy flow will cause a tired feeling.  We need to be more understanding towards our body and give the necessary rest it needs.

There is no competition against the opposite gender to perform even during menstruating times.  Yes, I know…there are women guarding our LOC even during these times. There are women who hike, who climb mountains, who fly planes, who drive trains, who do river-water rafting, who work hard as laborers – some of them might feel these cramps.  My suggestion to every one of them is to take it easy at least for those 2 to 3 days.  There is a need to achieve greater heights, reach the goal, touch the point of dream come true, but not at the cost of brutally bruising our body.  We can take it easy – actually you should.  If you keep stressing your body now, it might lead to other worries later.

Our body hosts our soul and its our duty to take care of the body during all times, especially during those cramping times.  And do not allow anyone to make to you think otherwise – that you need to push your body to its limits and keep proving that you are the best.  You just need to prove things to yourself and that’ll happen better when the soul is happy in a healthy body.

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3 Replies to “Day 26 – The cramps and some gyaan”

  1. It is different for different women. Some need rest others not at all.
    What the women who were openly bleeding were trying to do was bring society’s notice to the unfairness associated with it. For example, sanitary pads come under luxury goods and hence cost so much more than it should. Imagine something needed by almost half the population every single month as a luxury item instead of one of necessity!

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    1. Oh yeah…that’s a basic necessity which needs to be addressed.
      The insistence of taking rest was for my girls, as I know their physical discomfort during the cycle. And I don’t want them to be forced (by peer pressure) to do extraordinary things during those times…its certainly not worth it !

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