Day 22- Being brave

A story of courage
And of exceptional strength
In the face of terror.

The final speech by her mom
Touched a chord or two
On the values to instill
While upbringing a child,
Especially a girl one.

She taught her child to save herself
During moments of despair.
But that girl gave herself
To save 3 little kids.

It was her father’s lesson
That made an impact
On being brave
And not to support with the
Wrong people and their wrong doings.

My dear daughters,
this is exactly what I would tell you.

As you face the world
There might be instances
When the peer pressure might be high
Do go the wrong way.

Friendships will be tested
Based on you following the group
Of the wrong doers.

Here, at this moment
You should take your stand
To be strong against the wrong.

Its your moral values
That’ll stand for you
During the long run
In your life.

Be brave, dear child
I’m there with thee
Even when the whole world joins together
It cannot shake your bravery !

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