Day 19 – Awwww Moments 1

While I was writing posts the past 18 days about my girls, there have been moments inside me when I went Awwww over my daughter and I felt like holding her as the little baby in my hand.  It’s just a fleeting moment – that thought comes and vanishes, as I enjoy the present bonding with my girls more than anything in this world !

And so, here it goes, my Awww moments with the elder one 🙂

  • She was born as a smiling child, never crying for anything. Even if she was hungry, she’ll just let out some whimpering noises, but never cry uncontrollably. I’ve never seen such a happy child before. The Pediatrician used to be quite surprised when she never even flinched for vaccinations. Such a beautiful smiling child just made my world wonderfully happy. When left alone, she’ll be happily talking and smiling and laughing at the wall, the pics on the wall – a self-contented child. My first child who made me go Awww with her smile, is such a special one.
  • She started sitting when she was about 6 months old. And without crawling and bruising her knees, she went to walking stage – actually running and spreading the joy to us too. I still cherish that picture of her sitting and the next moment standing holding the refrigerator. An absolute Awww moment for the mother in me.
  • I had gone to my mom’s house to deliver the little one.  And whenever a plane passes by, my first-born will rush to my brother and will squeal in delight, “Mama, Mama, Zzzzzzzz” and make an action with her little hand to denote the plane. And so he’ll carry her and rush to the terrace, two floors up, to show her the plane. Even now, when she sees a plane, she holds my hand, looks at it and smiles very happily.
  • She played the part of the elder sister perfectly, taking care of the little one and calling out to me when I needed to change diapers. Even now, the younger one teases her saying that she is more a mother to her than me. Awwww 🙂
  • She has always been fascinated by elephants. Somehow “Aanai” instead of Yanai (tamil) has stuck with her still.  We had elephant stuffed toys, elephant wall hangings, elephant this and elephant that all around the house. Even now, she makes me go Awww with her love for elephants and how just a picture of that species will light up her face.
  • We had just put her in Kinder garden.  And she used to cry so much as she was forced to leave me. Her teacher, a very sweet lady, will hold her hand and take her wherever she goes. When the first-born was with the teacher, she used to be fine. The moment the teacher vanishes for a second, she’ll start her crying.
    Recently, my husband met with Mr.R. Little did I know how the world was so small. One day, as we were crossing a bridge, we happened to see Mr.R and his wife crossing us in the opposite side. My husband waved at Mr.R and we left it at that. I couldn’t even look at his wife, due to the sun’s glare. But I guess she recognized me and called and spoke with me, identifying herself as my first born’s Kinder Garden teacher. It was an Awww moment for me, for she remembered my baby girl and how she used to hold her hand always.
  • When she sleeps on my shoulder talking non-stop about what happened during the day….
    When we both sit and chat about the sun, moon, clouds, relationships, plants, dogs – anything, all over a cup of coffee…
    When her love for jaggery shows up, just like me…
    When she is absolutely focused even while making a simple omelet or sandwich…
    And when she calls me her best friend ❤

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