Day 17 – To my dear daughters

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Are you feeling stressed up
To live up to the expectations
Of people around you,
Including your dad and me??
Please don’t be hard on you…

Many a times, you accommodate and adjust
For small and silly things
To see your loved ones smile.
But remember the same will be expected of you
For bigger life decisions too !
So just be yourself…

It’s OK to show the world what you like
And especially what you don’t like.
Just make sure that there’s a smile
Along everything you say !
Your honest opinion only matters…

Knowledge is important
But marks aren’t.
The GPAs don’t matter
When you know what you want in life.
Learn, help, love and be grateful…

You’re your own unique self
And you cannot be compared to another.
Neither its wise to compare
What you have and what others have.
Be happy and contented always…

Do not be stubborn, be ready for change
Every second of your life
With change comes something fabulous
That holds the spark
To turn your dream into reality.
Be willing to change…

My biggest learning has been to “Love Myself – Plus and Minus inclusive”
And I pass it on to you both
Do not be critical of you what you do !
Done a mistake? Accept and move on
Just love yourself…
(Remember our fav movie JWM and the dialogue “Mein apni favorite hoon”)

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