Day 16 – The PAMPER story

We had just shifted to Trichy, a town in mid-Tamilnadu, famous for its Uchchi Pillayar Koil and the nearby Srirangam, Tiruvanaikaval temples. It’s a serene town and we loved the flow of the river Kaveri in the middle of the town.

There were a very few supermarkets, you can actually count them out. And I preferred going to the one nearest to our home.

And this little girl of mine was about 4 years old.  Since her school used to get over in the afternoons, I used to plan my supermarket visit after I pick her up from the school. And she also loves to run around in the aisles.  I was a regular at this supermarket and all the sales girls knew me by name and they were all very friendly. They even offered to take care of the little one, while I shopped for essentials.

That particular day, she ran inside on her own even before I had finished paying the auto. And straight she went to the Baby Pampers section. I was amused and so I decided to watch what she was up to.

The sales girl came to her and asked, “Enna venum unakku?’ (What do you want?)

The little one was roaming her eyes over the shelves but didn’t decide on what she wanted.

The sales girl took a packet of Pampers and asked her to take it.  Little one refused and started moving away from that shelf.

Then the sales girl took a packet of Huggies and asked her if this is the one. Again the little one refused and started moving ahead all the while keeping her eyes focused on all the brands displayed in that section.

Finally, she stopped and pointed her tiny hands and shouted “That one….that one”.

The sales girl was absolutely shocked. She had pointed to Whisper.

And I was laughing my head off looking at what she’s trying to shop.  I then went and pacified the sales girl. Since she has seen me buy it, she also wanted to buy it for her.

When she really had to buy it for herself years later, she really sighed at her eagerness to buy this when she was just 4.

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