Day 15 – Of marriages and children

Recently I read this cute post by Comfy [link] and I suggest you read it too 🙂

It’s absolutely sweet and funny when children talk about marriage and children.  Their perception of the whole thing at that age is super cute, I say.

My younger one used to say “Ma, I think I like boy babies. They are more naughty than girl babies.  And also I would like to have a baby boy when I grow up.  No….no….I don’t want to get married and all, just one baby boy is fine.  And you stay with me to take care of the baby boy”.

She even asked me once if I was pregnant with a baby boy, looking at my not-so-fit tummy. And I was so annoyed that my tummy looked like a pregnant lady when I was not so. Somehow the idea of a baby brother appealed to her so that they can jointly do mischief.

Watching kissing and hugging scenes in movies used to make them giggle and whisper among themselves a lot. But we have better conversations and bonding now, that they directly talk to me about it all. No inhibitions and I love it.  Sometimes I want to know how different their mind can mind.

And the elder one too has never agreed about getting married – of course, none of us force them to.  They just keep talking about this and that to me and this used to be one favorite topic for a long time – her justification of not to get married.  But later on she decided that she’ll have a simple wedding and the extravagant spending of money doesn’t appeal to her.  While the younger one is poised for a grand wedding.

I don’t know how they’ll change when the marriages do happen in time.

My classmate’s daughter is getting married on Wednesday and the whole day my mind has been filled with such thoughts related to it.

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