Day 14 – My Valentine’s informal ways :D

I’m an August born. But for a long time, my husband presumed it was September. And even now he jokes with me sometime “Hey, you’re September na??” 😀 😀 There was even a year when he forgot to wish me and the reason was tremendous work pressure. Sigh. But all these were before the girls took charge.

I remember how they used to bully him secretly as to what gift he has planned for me. I knew when they used to talk in hushed tones with him.  And then he’ll surprise me with a sari or card or something.  It used to look so funny when he smiles sheepishly at the girls assuring them of the gift he bought for their mom.

Even on Valentine’s day, the girls used to call him and pester him to get roses for me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have even bothered with all these Valentine’s day formalities.  He has never had any interest in gifting cards too. But he used to take the effort to buy me cards just because I’m so crazy about cards and the words in it mean a lot to me.  The elder one always makes beautiful cards for us for every occasion.  And all the cards she has gifted him, I keep collecting them all for the amount of effort and love she has put into it.

He’s like that and sometimes he’ll even be like “I’ve given myself to you…what more big gift you want?” 😀 😀   ha ha…that is indeed true ! Some relationships mean so much to us that it is indeed a blessing !

The loud voice for affirming his ideas might mislead people but his honest and sincere heart has always won my heart ❤

Month of ramblings


Note: I had promised to myself that I’ll write for my girls and about my girls this whole month. But the elder one told me to include her dad in the ramblings, at least today and so here I’m listening to my girl 🙂



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