Day 13 – Heart to heart

Yesterday’s post appealed more to my daughters as they understood the need inside me to say “I say so” 😀  The younger one even called to say that she laughed so much as she recalled those days…he he 😀

But they were also glad and open in admitting that I was strict with them during those years and later became a lot relaxed with them, which helped them to do things better or understand things better. Then, I felt good when appreciated by them for things which I thought were imperfect on me as a mom.

We always got comments like “The 3 sisters” and all, but heart of heart really, we three feel like that now. The girls are grown up now. And the talks have ventured into career, doing things passionately, handling relationships with classmates and other girly stuff.

This handling of relationships – the friendships which bound them to people, are their biggest support system where they can be themselves – its their age group. Thoughts are alike – silly, matured, playful, teasing, happy, sad, angry – everything put into one bundle.   As they keep realizing their own personality and what they want from a friendship, lot of hassles happen in their mind – whether to continue with this friendship or not.  And the biggest thing we need with friendships is patience, if we really want to give it a try.

And I keep talking to them about maintaining such bonds which you can carry on for a long time in your life.  I had lost touch with many of my friends when we shifted out of school, without any proper contact information. Now, with technology’s help, we are all back together.  And I can feel that warmth among us when we meet.  I want them to maintain such strong friendship bonds, which are very essential for our survival.  Solitude is good, I love it too. But I want a circle to fall back on.  These are the small things which I want them to understand in nurturing a friendship.

Now is not the time to say “I won’t talk with you anymore, because you didn’t give me notes to copy” – Those childish days are gone! We are big enough to put ourselves in their shoes and think with clarity.

Not only this, there might be people all around who will be waiting for opportunities to put the girls down, make them look bad in front of their teacher  or even bitch about them everywhere. I wish that my girls are more matured to handle such situations, stronger to deal with the bitches and smarter to take on with the teacher and prove themselves if required.

Last but not the least, I want them to Live the present! Do not worry about what happened in the past – we don’t live there anymore. And do not break your head what’s going to happen in the future. Keep living every day, as if this is the best day of your life. You’ll live to see only best days forever !  Month of ramblings



5 Replies to “Day 13 – Heart to heart”

  1. The road is always forward, though lingering in pools of yesterday can sometimes be refreshing!
    It’s so nice to have your children read and discuss the blogs, and the yesterdays, isn’t it? More such fun to you and your lovely girls! The three sisters!

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