Day 10 – Naming conventions

One of the moms I know mentioned that her daughter is calling her by name and that she doesn’t know how to change that in her. Since everyone around her calls her by name, the child too has picked up that usage.  I just told her that it’ll change once the child starts going to a school, as she starts listening to other children referring to their mom as Amma.

And this conversation, reminded me of my elder one, who used to call my husband by name, when she started talking. She somehow got it right to call me Ma but Appa was not happening so easily.

So, slowly I started calling my husband as Daddy, which she promptly followed too.  After sometime, I used to tell her that Daddy means Appa. While she was playing too, I’ll ask her suddenly, “Daddy means ??”  and she’ll reply promptly Appa.

I think I overdid that question and answer session when one day she came up to me and said “DaddyPa” !! Oh my…our lessons are learnt the hard way, isn’t it parents ?? Sigh !

She kept running up and down with her new-found word “DaddyPa”.

And she didn’t stop with that.  She realized that she needs to have a secondary name for herself too apart from what we call her at home. From her own Oxford Dictionary, she chose to be called as “Aathrooooo”.  She used to refer to herself with that name, making statements in third person using “Aathrooooo” instead of using her name and talking in first person.  Sometimes it was quite a task to understand what she was talking – all this third person and first person was absolutely confusing for us too.

She even shortened her sister’s name and gave her a cute pet name, either due to her limited pronouncing capabilities and the wonderful childish blabber that accompanied it.

Akka (sister) became Adhdha…
Patti (grandmother) became Abhbha…
We did have our fun times deciphering the meaning of sentences she spoke 😀

Names…oh yeah, how does your child call you ?? 😀

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3 Replies to “Day 10 – Naming conventions”

  1. My First Born had the *calling parents by name phase* for a very short while before he was two. While talking to him about his Dad, I used to say ‘Accha’ and soon he was saying it too. Same with Amma. I kept referring to myself as Amma. Bas, that’s it. By two, he was calling us the right way 🙂

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