Day 9 – The mystery of “Sathumaaav”

The younger one was around two years, if I remember right.  And the girls have begun to watch some TV shows. There wasn’t much for children then, but still a few minutes here and there was all that caught their attention.

That day too was no different. Elder one was busy involved in scribbling on the wall. Oh yeah, the whole wall was colored till her height and above that it was in cream color – the regular distemper paint 😀

The younger one was running around while the TV was on.

And suddenly the younger one came running to me, screaming at the top of her voice, “Sathumaaav” !! Ha ha…it was such a funny sight. I had no clue of what that meant.

But she kept shouting “Sathumaav” the whole day.  Something had caught her fancy, but we didn’t know what it was.

The Daddy came home to be surprised by the same word.

We showed her different things which she might refer to that word. But no…she never pointed to anything to say “Sathumaav”.

All of us were very confused because she never stopped saying that word.

It became the mystery word.

My neighbors, who used to play with her became curious too. But none of us were intelligent enough to decipher what she meant…yeah seriously, that’s what I felt !!

The mystery went on for a week to 10 days.

I was feeding food to my younger one and my mil was watching some tamil soap show. And suddenly during the break, this little girl runs to the TV pointing to the Shaktimaan Ad featuring Mukesh Khanna with her joyful scream “Sathumaav”. One part of me was relieved that she finally pointed to something to which she was referring so long and another part of me was laughing, imagining the new word for the Hero man 😀 😀

OMG !! She had been referring that Shaktimaan Ad all these days !! *shocked mommy*

The mystery was solved, everyone was informed about it and we keep laughing about “Sathumaav” even today 😀 😀

It was cutest baby thing of her, which I cherish !!

Month of ramblings


Hurray !! I’ve blogged for 9 days now and it feels absolutely blogfantastic 😀




5 Replies to “Day 9 – The mystery of “Sathumaaav””

  1. Hehe. That’s so cute. 🙂 So many memories from childhood are special for the reason that they bring a smile, no? 😀 The cuties next door used to call me Nuuuu. 😀 Single syllable works best at that age, I guess. 😉

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  2. I remember my little one crying ‘ikoo muikoo venumma’ when I was dressing her up in her pajamas for the night. she was crying so much and I had no idea what ‘ikoo muikoo’ was. Then somehow figured out that she did not want the pajamas I picked for her but wanted another set. When I picked the other set, there was a faint smile on her face. when I looked at the front of the pajama top, it said ‘high school musical’. We still laugh about ‘ikoo muikoo venumma’

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