Day 7 – My daddy strongest

Since the time this Dhara cooking oil came up with this Ad and I surely know this will be in the beginning of this millenium, this ad and the phrase “My Daddy Strongest” is the fav mantra of the elder one.

BTW have you seen the Ad ? Remember to watch for the cute little girl in the end.

My elder one related herself to the little girl who comes in the last scene and used to keep saying “My Daddy Strongest” always. Β And the most important thing was I was forced into buying Dhara Health Cooking oil. This is the perfect example how children take part in choices of brands and why many Ads target the children to capture the market. (That’s a story for another day)

And of course, the Daddy at home was super thrilled to his daughter’s repeated squealing of “My Daddy Strongest” and he used to look at me so proudly of his creation πŸ˜‰

He’ll also hold his arms in right angle so that she can swing from his hands as an affirmation of her strong daddy.

Such a lovable sight !!

I just wanted to keep it short and sweet on Sunday πŸ˜€

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