Day 6 – PP aka menstruation

My elder one preceded her younger sister to start menstruating, which is quite the natural thing to happen.  But the little one couldn’t handle this seniority as it involved me and the elder one talking in whispers about a lot of things !

Also, whenever my elder needed help during those days, I’ll go into the room with her to teach her on how to do things hygienically and how to take care of herself during those times.

The younger one was left out of the room, which pissed her terribly. She’ll demand an explanation on what happened inside the room. She’ll want to know why I also went in with her. And the most important thing was why she wasn’t allowed to be inside with me and the elder one.

Sigh…she was too tiny to explain things to her. But we just continued this way.

After a year or so, I thought of explaining the basic menstruation stuff to the younger one.  I also told her that it’s called periods.  After all the basic things were explained, I left it to her analyze and come back to me, as she always does.

While I was in the kitchen, she comes in, leans on the kitchen door, with her forefinger on her cheeks, her glasses on the tip of her nose, deep in thought – “Ma, I’ve doubt on PP” !! It was such a hilarious sight, I tell you 😀

I still remember her pose – she was damn cute 😀

And for some reason, periods became PP, which she gave a meaning then. Now, no one remembers the meaning. But PP has just stuck.

It was not that only day. Every now and then, I’ll see her leaning on the kitchen door, with that  simple statement – “Ma, I’ve doubt on PP”.  It was just too funny, but I answered all her questions as honestly as I can.  And all the things she did related to this PP, is a story for every day.

Some words like this are stuck in our everyday conversations, even though they don’t have any real meaning now, we just keep using them.  Another word which we use often at home is Pow pow, which means talcum Powder…ha ha 😀

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6 Replies to “Day 6 – PP aka menstruation”

  1. Hahaha! PP doubts are the hardest to deal with I guess. Never had to do that, though sometimes with the kids at school I need to ask/say something, when “accidents” happen and uniforms are stained. Poor dears.
    HOwever, there was this interesting incident, when, during a recitation, which contained the word “virgin”, an eighth grader, poor dear, was not aware of the meaning. I did tell her as generally as I could, and then asked her to talk to her parents. I think the matter was clarified, because she seemed more comfortable with it later! 😀

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  2. Oh. Our school had a seminar of sorts for this for gals. For a whole day, the girls would be at the conference room for the ‘talk’, while the boys had almost a free day. 😛 Though most of us with a younger sister or a girl best friend knew what the closed door seminar was about anyways.

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