Day 5 – Did you say Buuuuuuu ?

pictureThere was this Giraffe toy, something similar to the picture, except that it had wheels to be pulled around, which was gifted to my girls by their aunt. My younger one was around 1.5 years old, when she took a real liking to this toy. The colored rings around its neck was the most favorite and attractive part and I’ll sit with my little one every day in an effort to teach colors to her. Also it helped in finger motor movement as the rings had to be removed and put only at a particular angle.

My younger one was very fond of the Giraffe and we used to play color color game.

I’ll show the red ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the yellow ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the orange ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the red ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I hope you’re getting the drift. πŸ˜‰

All colors were called Buuuuuuu πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And I worried whether she had learnt the colors or not properly. Β Of course, there were a lot of words which she tried to talk / childishly blabber. We were trying to decipher many words and their meanings.

But the day she turned 2 and started her 3rd year, her vocabulary became more clearer to us. Her words became more pronounced and within a month or so, she told all the colors correctly.

We, the parents, at home, still refer to different colors as Buuuuuuu just to remember her childhood days.

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7 Replies to “Day 5 – Did you say Buuuuuuu ?”

  1. LOL!! It reminds me of my two. My first one was very clear in his pronounciations right from the start but the younger one had all the cute babbly tone that turned ‘helicopter’ into ‘ellit-tocta’ and ‘caterpiller’ into ‘calla-pitta’!!


  2. My neighbor has two cute daughters, both of whom have grown up quite a lot at our place too. So I can relate to the color teaching part. Mostly buuuuuus and geeens, but they had a mischievous glint in their eyes and a cuter gurgle when they made a mistake and saw me laughing. πŸ™‚ It’s a memory I treasure.

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