Day 4 – The TWICE done thing :D

It was a day which I cannot forget. My elder one was getting initiated by the mother in me about the bees and birds…he he…actually about sex and how the human species evolved and is evolving.

I decided to talk to her about all these things as I thought it was best that I explain things to her in the right way, than she learning it all in a crap way from books. Β I remember very well how shocked I was when I read my first Sidney Sheldon book in Class 10 and I couldn’t sleep properly for a few days after that. I just wished that my daughter should not react to sex that way.

I surrounded myself with a scientific encyclopedia, Tell me Why series for reference to explain the basic concepts. She being in Grade 8 helped a little as she had lessons on reproductive system in her science book.

And I started telling. Not telling…actually I talked a lot. I was constantly talking. For a long time, till my voice was hoarse.

She was quietly listening.

I waited for some response…some questions…some doubt.


So I presumed that she was analyzing the facts…he he πŸ˜€

I then told her that I’m off to cook dinner and she’s welcome in the kitchen for further discussion. This I did to make her talk more about it. Β I badly wanted some response from her.

After a full 5 mins of silence, she came up to me and asked with such innocence “So Ma…you and daddy did it ONLY TWICE, right?

I burstΒ out laughing with tears flowing from my eyes, nodding a big yes to her.

At that moment I felt that was the right thing to do.

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