Day 2 – School lessons

While my elder one has changed 8 schools in her school life of 14 years, the younger one is just behind with 7 school changes in her kitty. While the girls have their own misgivings about not being able to fit into any peer group which was already existing in the school they joined, I’ve the strong feeling that the school changes actually helped my daughters to have a broader outlook to life, more adaptable to sudden changes in life, more open in making friends, meeting people with absolutely varied attitudes yet holding onto their own personalities, which eventually made my girls more confident and stronger from inside !

My younger one will glare at me now, if she gets to read this. Ha ha…I’m just hoping she’s busy with college.  Even today she complains about the lack of good friends during her school years and I try to point out that she survived the lack of friends amazingly well and with such “don’t care” attitude.  Her friends actually felt jealous that she really didn’t care about the lack of friends and that she didn’t do anything and everything to be in a group of girls. Its helping her now as she meets the waves of students trying to make friends and she’s holding ground very well.

The elder one has always been very choosy with whom she’s friends with. She’s very cautious in showing her vulnerable side to others and so she takes her own time to open up.  But the moment she feels her trust is in the right place, she holds onto that friendship for a long time to come.  She has never opened her mouth to complain about the changing schools every now and then but she too has coped with the changes pretty well, as I see her getting ready to face the world.

I always believe that when change happens, something greater is coming. So, the biggest lesson to all these school changes has been the fantastic college that awaited my daughters, the experience of which is so great !

And I wish both my girls a fantastic life ahead with wonderful changes which will lead to a greater life ❤

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12 Replies to “Day 2 – School lessons”

  1. I too have 7 schools under my belt and 2 different colleges, stayed in 3 different hostels too. I have never belonged to any peer group and have always been with the drifters, others not belonging to any groups. Actually I am quite happy with that and feel that has shaped me in a better way than belonging to a group would ever have. May be that is one of the reasons I do not long for approval from others for my own well being.
    And, I love you. Mommy and daughters! You are the best ❤ 🙂

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    1. Love you too Shail…am just enjoying this whole rambling now, thanks to you ❤

      See, this is what I foresee – where they do not long for approval from others to be happy – happiness is a self-centered thing within them. This school changing episode would have taught this valuable lesson to them.
      And you are awesome, with all those non-stop changing schools, colleges and hostels 😀

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  2. Maybe it is because I’d been at the same school for the whole of my school life, I’m not that interested in change unless I have to. 😀

    The adaptability will definitely help them. 🙂 Besides, they have a brilliant mum, no?

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