Day 1 : My Paneer Kutti

So, this sweet friend of mine, Shail has been doing this February – a Month  of Ramblings.

In my sincere effort to kindle my blog and hence my brain, I’m taking this mammoth step in writing a few lines every day.

Hope you enjoy the ramblings 😀


Motherhood has always surprised me. And every phase my daughters go through, I also go through them and we evolve and our bonding grows better !

Interesting anecdotes which I remember will feature here and what we, as mother and daughters, learned from it or rather enjoyed the whole episode in our life.

This happened when my younger one was about 3 years old, when we shifted from Chennai to Trichy.   She was all fine in Chennai, but the moment we shifted to Trichy, she developed sudden allergy to the milk available there. Every day morning will be a great ritual of giving her the milk and she will start vomiting it all over the hall. The vomiting will make her cry as her throat used to irritate her a lot. And I’ll feel bad about making her cry in the morning.

And so she refused to try paneer, when she came to know that its made from milk.

It took me six long months to find the milk which suited her and thereafter it has been a hitch-free milk journey…ha ha 😀

Today, paneer is her most favorite food and she loves it in various forms. Sometimes, she’s glad that I found the right milk which suited her, so that she was able to eat paneer too without any fear.

Whenever I see paneer in the supermarket, I think of my little one and her humorous introduction to paneer 🙂

Month of ramblings



12 Replies to “Day 1 : My Paneer Kutti”

  1. Give her a *same pinch* from me. I hate milk too. And no, I have never found any milk that agrees with me. But I lovvvvvve paneer. So I am also a paneer kutti (Northies, kutti does not mean dog!) like her 😀

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  2. Hahaha! But finding the right milk for the child woes are the worst 🙂
    Paneer fan reporting here too – though of late I have taken to milk quite a lot. Probably has to do with my laziness in not wanting to “make” something to each, so put something in milk, gulp, bas, shaappad ho gaya 😛

    Welcome to the ramblings!
    And yes, Gulshan is going to have a real merry go round, each day 😛

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    1. Hi-5 Paneer fan 😀
      Am glad to be doing the ramblings, though I wonder if I’ll be able to read the other posts on all the days !
      Yes…Gulshan is one busy commentator 😀 😀


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