My colors are back :)

Do you see me dance ?
For my colors are back !

The mynahs are squeaking more
In symphony to my humming mood
There is a sense of satisfaction
In seeing a full-house at home…
And yes, my lovely colors are back !

The kitchen is busy
Dosas and Pastas
Soups and Bruschettas
Cakes and Curd rice
Oh yeah…my lively colors are back !

The clothesline is happy too
The reds and blues
Purple madness
Yellows to shine
Chasing the whine
Indeed my colors are back !

Talk, talk and talk
Gossips galore
When three girls sit to share
All the endless topics
As wide as the Universe !

Here’s a toast to the festive season
And to the colors in my life
Let them be blessed with
Happiness, love and gratitude
All through their lives !


Read the clothesline story here 🙂


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