Lighting up lives, this Diwali

As I wrote in my last post on the evading rains of Chennai, the Rain God Indra laughed within himself. Little did I know that He was going to shower the city for 3 days. My God !! Whatta rain…Whatta downpour !! It’s been a loooong time since we Chennaiites had such good rain.

And my wonderful house help Muthu came to work, in spite of the heavy rains. I told her to take it easy today, as it was Diwali and she can spend time with her family.

But, she being she, rang my doorbell, as usual. Along she came to tell the story of what happened yesterday at the other house, where she works (Read more about that person here).

Yesterday, after finishing work at my place, she had gone to that house. They asked her to go and give some things to another friend’s house. The lifts were off, as we had a whole 24 hour power cut. She took the stairs, slipped on the water, tumbled down 3 steps and hurt her ankle.

The thing that made my blood boil was, when she told them about her fall, they didn’t even feel for it. But made her do all the work in spite of the pain.

What kind of people are they ?? Don’t they have any human consideration ?  This is the time of the year, when people need to spread happiness and cheer in the lives of people, who are short of it. And this kind of treatment is no way near humanity.

And then there are people like these, who are changing for the better…we need more people like them. I know how difficult it is to change from the immense drilling of the younger years. But it has to happen for the cause of humanity. I’ve seen such changes happen with my mother and aunt and it amazes and humbles me. I want to be the person to respect them for the work they do and certainly not to disrespect them for the caste they belong.

My Mother Invited Our Domestic Help’s Family To Diwali Dinner And Started A Tradition

Let us be the change…
Let us bring in more cheer to others…
Let us give more happiness…
Let us love more !


Let us light up lives 🙂


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