Weekend rant

I’ve done it before, of course, the rant – here.

And it keeps happening again.

My household help is Muthu, a very sweet and naive woman, mother of three little girls – read something more about her here.

She keeps throwing up questions at me, which shakes me up so much ! So, what was her question now ??

Akka, have you read Bhagvad Gita ??

Yes, sort of (as I’ve read a few chapters of it).

Does the Bhagvad Gita tell you that you should not allow people from other castes to touch things in your house ?? Like me touching the Pressure Cooker or the Gas Stove or vessels or things like that ??

***Absolute shocking silence from me***
And then, I shake myself and ask “Why such a doubt suddenly??”

I work for this other house…you also know her. In her house, her mom doesn’t allow me to touch any vessels. She washes them all after I clean up. Is this what the Bhagvad Gita says?? Because all people follow their holy book, right??

Muthu….Muthu….not only Bhagvad Gita, none of the holy books talk about discrimination to people based on caste or anything. All the holy books talk about way of life – by doing good things to others. The caste and other things like touching or non-touching have been created by us, humans and its a terrible thing to do.  To treat another human being lowly just because of silly reasons like caste is the biggest of crimes. 


Even though I sort of explained things to her, it was a slap on the face moment for me.  I wondered how for all the lowly things which the humans are doing, the holy books are held responsible…sigh…



17 Replies to “Weekend rant”

    1. ha ha…me like that Sandhya…it is the same situation with this house too…none of the maids want to work there and Muthu is stuck with them. She has the heart to not to leave them in lurch and look at the way they treat her !


    1. I’ve seen it too Pix in my grandfather’s house, but things were not very clear to me then.
      But now, at this age, I wonder why people don’t change for the better !


  1. I have seen this here too. Saddens my heart. Why do they employ her when they wont allow her to touch anything? Actually she shouldn’t work for them at all. There was a lady who wont come to our place coz our household help was from different community she didn’t like. Feel so angry.


  2. That woman who washes the vessels AFTER the maid has done it once. Why the hell can she not wash her own dishes? And if left to me I would ask her to bow down and touch the feet of the maid for touching and washing the used vessels of someone like her. In the first place she is doing a service, eventhough you pay her, and on top of that you disrespect her?!

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    1. The untouchability quotient that runs around is pretty high among those people who still think that being born a Brahmin is the most coveted post of all…sigh…its time to realize that being a human and acting towards humanity are the most important tasks of being born in this world !
      I really don’t get how Muthu tolerates all this and works in their house !! Such is her plight of finances that she puts up with these things…but I’m glad she feels free to talk her mind out to me !

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