Weekend Musing : Being Religiously Correct

When Thursday was a holiday on behalf of Ganesh Chaturthi, it felt like a “mid-week weekend break”.  It’s during these break times that my mind goes into some serious thought process which has resulted in this musings post.

Yesterday’s visit to a legendary place of worship in Chennai brought my focus on to the right track and here are a few for you.

There is the sign in that place of worship which prohibits people of other religions to enter inside.  Reading that sign, I was angry and ashamed at the same time.

Now, can anyone explain in the truest sense what does it mean “to belong to a particular religion”???  Is it wearing the traditional clothes associated with a particular religion?? Or blindly visiting places of worship?? Or simply being human and kind, as all the religions in this whole wide world says?

If anyone truly looks into any of the holy books for reference, all one could get is that all religions talk about a way of life – the way to live, the way to show love, the way to show kindness, the way to show charity – it’s the way of GOOD. All the other customs or traditions were the making of the people and in effect created a vast discrimination among people.

And we still follow those customs and traditions blindly not understanding it one bit and in effect, not allowing a particular sect of people to come into places of worship. Isn’t God the same for every human being??  Why should there be differences in allowing people into places of worship??

I recently had the opportunity to visit places of worship belonging to other faiths and I was humbled by the whole experience. God is the same everywhere…people go with such tremendous faith in the Supreme to help them in their personal lives.  Now, is it wrong of me to have enjoyed those experiences of being in a different place of worship other than mine??

There is also one more thing that keeps bothering me – that holding onto the fact that you can do charity only to people of same religion. Where is humanity in this?? Hunger is the same in all religions and food should be given to people who are hungry not because they follow a certain faith.

And then when I’m given food because I belong to a particular religion, I am confounded with doubts of whether I truly belong to this sect of people, as I don’t have any qualities like them !  What if one of my forefathers lied to his successors about the lineage and I’m mistakenly taken as part of this sect??

Hunger, shelter, protective clothes are a need to the human kind and is certainly not decided on the basis of religion or faith. It’s just so simple to follow. I do not understand the adherence of religion to do charity.

We spend so much on cooking fabulous meals during Death ceremony and finally the left-over food is thrown in the dust bin. Yes, that food cannot be shared with anyone outside the family.  Or may be it can be given to the cow. Now, where is the cow?? My heart bleeds at such waste of food.

Just have a look at the food being wasted at weddings / parties / other small functions. Can we show a little compassion here and give the left-over food to people who are starving??

And then there are so many small family functions which are part of a bigger tradition relating to the welfare of the family. But entry is restricted only to people of the same religion.  Food and clothes are given only to people of the same sect.  Even if anyone is need of the food or clothes, it is not entertained.  I can say with certainty that religion is surely taking over all the core-values that maketh a human.

Let us make that effort to let people go into places of worship and let religion not be the restricting force.
Let us give food, clothes, shelter to people who need it very much and not restrict to people of one single religion.
Let charity be done based on morality !

And let us not allow religion to over ride the humanitarian values !


PS : What I wrote yesterday seemed quite blunt to the point, which I liked. But here is the polished version of the post, as I should be Religiously Correct on the social media !



10 Replies to “Weekend Musing : Being Religiously Correct”

  1. You know what if you think clearly with an open mind and refer to history, religion has done nothing but divide us, it is actually born out of insecurity and nothing else.

    If anything a person can be spiritual, religion in my opinion is hogwash and a result of conditioning of several centuries!

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  2. When I was young, I was at my friends place. It was her grandfather’s death anniversary. They has made my favorite Milagu kolambu. My friend didnt want to give me as her grandmother had told her not to share the food to outsider. But her mother, had gave it to me, fighting with her MIL. She smiled at me saying that she always considered ME as her family. She rightly said we are all first humans, then wat ever we are labelled. Dint give it a thought that time, But now I really admire my friends mother..

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