Microblog Mondays: My new love is…



Yes. I joined Instagram quite recently and am loving it.

I feel extremely happy posting “ONLY pics” from my phone.  The fun lies in writing interesting hash tags.  I’m there and trying to make better hash tags.

Somehow, it feels like my picture blog.  I put pics there for my happiness…there ends the matter.  Who’s online at that time – I don’t know – I don’t want to know !  Who’s ignored to LIKE my pic – again, I really don’t want to know !  As I write here for my happiness and I post pics with Instagram, for my self-obsessed happiness.

So, are you on Instagram too ??




23 Replies to “Microblog Mondays: My new love is…”

          1. Awww…am glad you made it to Instagram 🙂
            Just use your own hash tags to describe your picture – like tags in a blog post !!
            Tomorrow, you can search for pics using that particular hashtag…thats the purpose of it.


  1. Here from MM. I’m on Instagram and honestly, I think that I like it better than Facebook! I love how everything is posted in order with no interference from Instagram in trying to figure out which posts were more important/most liked. I also subscribe to feeds such as the National Parks Instagram which means I see beautiful pictures every day. 🙂

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