Stand up for your heart…

Dear first-born,

Stand up for your heart, dear one
For nothing else will matter in the long run.

I think it’s the need of the hour to tell you a few things of the heart.  You’ve crossed the legal major milestone, but you’re still a child in matters of the heart. And especially when it comes to your career, it’s better to follow thy heart.  For the one you choose with your heart is always the best one for you.  Now, you’re doing the culinary course listening to your heart. Now, take the big step of taking a job, in the same way – listening to your heart.

There are many who say that mind is logical and its best to follow that route – even I did.  I’ve had my great moments in my career as a Computer Science Engineer, but I wonder now, why didn’t I take to writing earlier !! I love it…I find happiness in expressing myself with words.  I find happiness in baking, cooking and I should have gone for that career.  Little did I know that all these matters of the heart should be taken seriously.   And these ways of the heart are the one to give us maximum happiness and satisfaction of a life fully lived.

To quote a living example : Your dad was exemplary in his career and had many a high spots in his marketing field. But it was only when his passion for food got converted into a business that he really found true happiness.  He took many years to realize and go for it. Sometimes, we are afraid to take the plunge as the mind keeps telling us logical situations and their outcomes.  And in the process happiness gets lost.

Break that fear, dear ! It’ll constrain you.
Listen to your heart…it’ll make birds of you !
Flying towards your passion
And hence you’ll be happy for no reason !

Use your mind to accumulate knowledge but using it for situations in life is something to pause and introspect.  I don’t know if anyone else will tell you NOT to think logically.  Because as I write for you today, I can tell you with assurance – I’ve been there in the logical side and all. But here, when I listen to my heart and bake or cook or write, I’m the happiest.  It doesn’t seem like work.  I’m enjoying every moment of it.

You think I’m the best mom ?? I listened to my heart, my instincts as a mother…that’s why you think I’m best. Now, you listen to your heart. You’ll be the best in whatever you do !

Life is short, life is once, live it to your maximum, live it by listening to your heart !
So, when your heart tells you to follow a path, stand up for it and walk through the path with your heart !



8 Replies to “Stand up for your heart…”

    1. Thank you so much…
      Yours is the comment I cherish the most and it always makes me write more or express myself more in my favorite fields of passion. Super tight hugs…
      I’ve just worded it out, what you’ve been doing with your girls ❤


  1. Hii Uma,This is a great message for the kids.Following a trend might take us superficially to a certain level but it is following the heart which will lead us to where we actually wanted to be.But it needs a big courage to do so….

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  2. We’re often inhibited by society and by our own parents who fear that we won’t have any job prospects if we take one path versus another, but luckily for your kids, that will never be the case! Best of luck to her in whatever she decides!!

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    1. Thank you Roshni…I do hope that she decides well using her heart over mind. Its very important to make them to listen to their heart na…otherwise we’ll be lost doing some stupid job just for the sake of a living !


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