Conversations – so much more to talk…

Read my previous post on this topic – Conversations to catch up on some of my favorite conversations.

And it continues…
Many people think I’m reserved or I’m shy to begin with. But people who know me in and out will vouch for the chatter box I’m – it takes time to open up, right ?? Or else, it should be the right person – then the conversations hit a high on first sight 🙂

The lovely bond I had with two supermarket sales girls is a fond memory.  Whenever I visited the supermarket, those two girls will be around to help me with what I want. Their smile and my instant reaction to it and of course, the easy chatter that followed made the bond stronger. They keep talking about their own life or about a new song or movie or whatever and I keep going on about my girls and other stuff. Now, they have moved away from that supermarket and I see them in some other shop selling things. But that smile is the same and words flow freely and they ask me about my girls, referring to them by name. One of my fav bonds with random people.

There used to be a time, when I was a Stay at home mom and spent a lot of time online, writing posts almost daily and totally enjoying it. And through the blogs, I met Sagarika, my dear friend. We used to talk a lot on Google chat – I still remember the crazy amount of time we spent chatting online about everything under the sun. Such a memorable time and a friendship to remember for a lifetime. And when I met her, it was all the more wonderful – she is just an extension of the screen persona. Even though both of us have become so busy to chat like that, she’s stays dear to my heart always.  Now, as I think and write about her, I suddenly see an update from her and she was also thinking about me – such telepathy 😀

In the apartment I stay, I never get sunlight in my balconies or rooms or anywhere. There is plentyful of light but no sunlight. So, I hold back my love for flowering plants as they need a decent amoutn of sunlight to survive. My sole comfort is my money plant ! If you’re wondering about why a plant has come into this post, then you just don’t know me 😉  Amazing are my conversations with my money plant. Every day as I water the plant, sprinkle water on the leaves and keep talking about what a darling plant she is, I can see the happiness in my plant growing. And she makes me happy with a new leaf next morning. Have you ever talked to your plants ??

Me and my daughters share this rare and beautiful bond of talking our heart out without hiding our feelings. And with both of them away from home, our own Whatsapp group keeps us alive and buzzing with life always.  From teasing one another, to very bad lame jokes, to movies and serials, studies, assignments – anything that can happen in our lives reflects in this group of ours. Its our tiny let out place and sometimes I love reading the conversations between my girls 😀

Sometimes random conversations to a stranger in the supermarket can lead to great bonds of friendship. This has happened to me and I feel quite lucky about it. She was looking at things in one aisle and I happened to just look at her and we smiled and started talking and there has been no looking back. That first meeting, we would’ve talked non-stop for an hour or so. It made us good partners for walking too, as we talked more than walk.  Even though I’m unable to spend that much time talking to her now, she still remains one of the wonderful friends, with whom I can be myself.

More conversations to come 😉


4 Replies to “Conversations – so much more to talk…”

  1. Aww Uma – I miss chatting with you too. Guess, those days without so many messengers and other options when you had to sneak and chat at work, the thrill was more. Now like many other things, we even take staying in touch for granted. I miss you, but know that you will always be just a phone call away for me. I hope you know the same about me too 🙂 Loads of love, darling ❤

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  2. The one time I’ve spoken to you, I said that you’ve a lovely husky voice, quite unlike what I’d imagined 🙂 More girlish I guess, keeping in mind how bubbly and adorably young you come across as 🙂 🙂
    Them conversations, I do hope you continue to have them, more interesting, and always engaging! 🙂

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