I think it was around 9.30pm. As I was about to lie down for a good night’s sleep, it started.

The sudden sharp pain just beneath my left breast.

“OMG !! What it could be ?? Why it should pain suddenly ?? I was fine a moment ago…now from where this pain came ??”

Then I sat up…tried to take a few deep breaths. But the pain was mind-shattering.

“Shit…what’s this stupid pain doing in me ?? I don’t like the idea of it in my body”

I sat and tried to drink some water.  Every time I swallowed, I could feel the pain increasing.

“Dear God…what’s the reason for this stupid pain ??”

I can’t even hold onto that place…such a weird place to be paining.

And suddenly, I thought I’ll check online with this symptom of pain. Bang…it came as some rib inflammation !!

“Holy shit…this is getting worse”

Suddenly, the wonderful partner of mine who tried to sleep through my ooh and aah, couldn’t hold it anymore. He asked me “What did you eat today??”  And then I was shocked to hear my own answer.

“Potatoes and potatoes for lunch and dinner”

OH WOW !! What joy I had in finding the culprit of that pain. That is when we concluded that it could be a gas catch.

I’ve never had a gas catch before and the pain was not making it easy for me to think.  He has had it before, but the catch is always in his back. I generally pat him hard on his back for sometime and then  he burps and he’ll be fine.  But where do I pat for me…such a weird place for a catch !!

I went and made myself some warm jeera water and kept sipping it. I was drowsy and tired too. Tried to sleep on my right side and succeeded too.

The pain continued even in the morning. I thought I’ve had enough of this pain.  Now all I need to do is get it out of my system.

I started jumping wildly. No music…nothing.  Just some wild dancing without knowing any dance steps.

And then it came….one…two…three. All is well.



Are you like TGIF ?? Me too…Hi 5 on that !!

Have a great weekend people and remember to burp 😀 😀


16 Replies to “BURP”

  1. Ah…lucky you, you have never had it before (and hopefully never again). My body is a gas factory and at all points of time, I have a catch somewhere or the other ! I am so used to it that I don’t even notice them anymore. Good to know you are alright now.


  2. I know how horrible it is.. once had sever reflex gastritis.. was admitted so many times in hospital as the pain would go only with a IV injection.. even if had food i was in trouble, with out food it was more trouble.. for a year i was carry antacid bottle with me.. ;).. hope u r fine now.. hi fi for TGIF


    1. Oh ho…that’s a really bad state of gastritis…hope you are feeling better now !
      My situation was nothing compared to yours…
      Yes…lets celebrate the weekend 🙂


    1. ha ha…totally agree on the air be free part 😀 😀

      Hey you…Gulshan of word(s)
      Your happiness is now transferred
      Much joy you bring with a flick
      Of wordy feathers through your limerick
      Oh what a joy Bamboat bird !


    1. That burp was a relief
      For me and the house chief
      He wouldn’t have had peace
      If it didn’t cease
      You being the pain is false belief !!

      Thank you Govind that because of you and Gulshan, I’m inspired to try these way with words…am much pleased 😀

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