A long pending letter

Dear Menstrual Cycle

I’ve been wanting to write to you for sometime now, about your queerness and quirkiness. I don’t know whether you wish to solve these issues or keep mum about the whole episode. I just felt that I’ve to let you know the discrepancies that I’ve seen in your cycles in many women.

There is this daughter-in-law of my friend who wants to conceive and month after month you make an appearance, so dutifully, that she is frustrated at the sight of you.

And then there is this friend of mine in her forties who is just wishing that you come in time. But you fail her – totally. ย When you come, you don’t stop flowing for a long time that she wishes that you don’t come again. But, as the next cycle rolls by, she’s feeling the same as before.

You even come with a big bang of pain for so many women out there, who just hate the sight of you. ย Even though your presence in our bodies is supposed to be good, the pain out beats the whole purpose of getting the cycle.

And then there are those in menopause, who have no clue on when you are due, how long you are going to stay or why you keep coming so often !!

You smell…you stain…you give terrible pains…you make us feel bloated…you make us feel depressed…you make us moody…you make us crave for food…yet, we go through the ordeal. ย Can you at least be kind enough to be on time or not come for 9 months or leave the pain somewhere ??

I sincerely hope you’ll pay heed to our simple requests, as we keep hosting you month after month, till our uterus stops its hormonal function.

A woman who bangs the bed stand to beat those cramps.

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