Passing it on through generations…

I remember the day very well. I had got my Board exam marks in hand. Everyone around me were going crazy deciding on what to do in life. I stood calm and composed, as I felt in my heart about what to do further.

When my Appa saw my marks, he was so proud. That feeling is exquisite when I got a hug from him. He pinched my cheeks and kissed the fingers. Both the hug and the kiss were like forbidden stuff when I was young. But still I got it from my Appa. One beautiful moment to remember and hold close to the heart.

And then he asked a simple question – “What do you want to study?” I told him that I want to do Engineering. Β He nodded and allowed me to study what I wanted. Β I didn’t realize the freedom of choice that was given to me. I didn’t think that my father was broad minded enough to make a girl child study Electronics and Communication Engineering. Β I never realized that I was one of the privileged few to study…less alone Engineering !

I also didn’t realize then that my Appa thought of things differently than others.

This was 30 years ago…


What is your elder daughter studying ??
Culinary Arts.
Whaat ?? No Engineering or Medicine ??
No…this is what she likes to study about.
And you’ve sent her to stay in hostel ??
Yes….I feel that they’ll learn about things better when they are on their own.
And now, your younger daughter too wants to stay in hostel and study ??
Yes…she’ll learn to be more independent.
My God !! You parents are so different. While everywhere I see the parents holding onto their girl child and not letting them to go out to discover life, you are doing a fabulous job of parenting.
Am glad to hear that…its the freedom to study that I got in my teens which is getting passed on to the next generation.

(The above is a gist of the conversation between me and a Professor in Chennai)

What I received from my Appa is what I am passing on to my daughters…

pass it on



12 Replies to “Passing it on through generations…”

    1. Thank you Sid πŸ™‚
      I so wish that children are given the choice to choose their career, instead of parents living their career choice through their children !


  1. Uma, you are lucky to have such an understanding and large hearted parents. It is really sad to see some parents neglecting their daughters and doting upon their sons. Due to this discrimination the woman are sufferers. Though things aare changing, we need more people like your parents.Hats off to them!

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    1. Thank you so much…
      Yes, I too feel that parents do not give the choice to choose to their children and it’s not a surprise here in Chennai, where boys too are forced to study what the parents wish them to do…it is a sad state of affairs.


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