Microblog Mondays – God power

Recent statements in the media by a famous personality on the subject of God, didn’t gel with my views.

Where is He ?? This person, who everyone calls God ?? In Temples only ??

Nah…not at all.

According to me, all the places of worship are great energy points where the enlightenment occurs as to the greatest power in this Earth, is our Mind.  There is nothing beyond the power of Mind and what we can do with that power.

Like how we connect with similar thought-minded friends, we connect with the different energies found at the temple or the mosque or the church !!

While there is only one Mosque and one Church, there are thousand and one different temples and therefore, Gods residing in them. So, who is the actual one ??

My theory is that they are places with different energy points. We seek that particular temple, based on the energy required in our life, at that point.  For example, we need courage, confidence, strength, we go to Hanuman temple. To seek prosperity, we visit Lakshmi temple. Its just our different needs that take us to different energy points where we can connect better with our Mind, to achieve what we want. (Thanks to my brother, for this amazingly simple explanation).

Its like how the body craves for certain foods at certain phases in life, the Mind craves for certain energies to connect with so that it becomes more powerful to do a task.

Sounds simple. So, what do you think ??




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A Stay At Home Mom trying desperately to make a difference, in whatever I do !!!
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6 Responses to Microblog Mondays – God power

  1. Belief in yourself comes first. The outside yourself beliefs help us do things better, I feel. I always think that if you don’t hurt/harm others knowingly, you will be happy in life always! I follow the rituals/festivals in my home because it brings discipline in me.

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  2. I agree! That’s a different take. For me, God is every where and more so in our deeds.

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  3. My Era says:

    Interesting concept of energy points. However I believe in finding God in every living thing around us.

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  4. Mel says:

    I like that idea in that our mind takes what it needs at different points just as our bodies crave certain foods, letting us know where we are deficient.

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  5. Deboshree says:

    Interesting thoughts. It’s all in the mind. 😉

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  6. middlegirl54 says:

    Exactly. IT is in the mind and if one chooses to call the energy force field God so be it and if one chooses otherwise, so be it.


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