Microblog Mondays – One big truth from Oliver’s Story

Last week, I read Oliver’s Story by Erich Segal, sequel to Love Story. Quite an interesting take on relationships. When Oliver finds a girl again, he thinks this is it. But in his own words, the reader could make out this is not it. Sometimes, the situations, the words communicated all sound so artificial, that it doesn’t make the reader feel the love. I cried so much when Jenny died in Love Story, but I was glad that Marcie was not a part of his life. The characters become so real, for me.

And the big truth which was very obvious was when Oliver really understood what good his dad has done. And this happened when his Dad retired at 65. That’s really a big waste of so many years of misunderstanding each other. A relationship needs proper communication to flourish and exude love. And for this communication, we need to put in some effort and spend some time listening or being there for the other person. But of course, all these, only if we value that relationship so much.

We, as parents, always think about the welfare of our children and decide on certain things. And the child sees the same decision, so differently. So, it is important that parents talk their heart out about their decisions to their children and should also allow their children to counter those decisions from their angle. This healthy communication, builds trust, love and the bonding becomes stronger. And finally, it is easy to agree on a common point, where the parents and the children are happy.

So, as parents, let’s build relationships with our children and not snub them at every opportunity.


9 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – One big truth from Oliver’s Story”

  1. I agree so much with you. Its the parents folly when they think that children being children cannot take sound decision for themselves or even can have their own opinion on subjects. The problem arises when they see their children’s opinions as a threat to their own authority.
    I ventured here through Microblog Monday.


  2. You are so right. Communication is necessary. That’s why I am not a fan of the old way of doing things where the parents expect absolute obedience from children and there is no sharing of feelings and thoughts between the two.

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  3. Such an interesting point: “We, as parents, always think about the welfare of our children and decide on certain things. And the child sees the same decision, so differently.” And it’s sort of true for all of our actions, regardless of the age of the other person. We do them with one meaning attached, but a person often applies their own meaning.

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