Desi Foods Organic Cafeteria

Recently, Desi Foods, the food Company I run with my husband, has ventured into Organic grounds πŸ™‚

And we get to sell our Organic Snacks at the Cafeteria of Jaycee Greens Organic Store, Kottivakkam branch.

Please visit the store and the Cafeteria for your organic requirements.

Cafetaria @ Jaycee Greens

The Jaycee Greens Organic Store at Kottivakkam.



The Cafeteria where you get to eat our Desi Foods Organic Snacks πŸ™‚
Please do try them – you’ll not be disappointed !


Cafetaria @ Jaycee Greens-001


The Organic Snacks available at the Cafeteria.

Hope you visit the store and the Cafeteria !!


9 Replies to “Desi Foods Organic Cafeteria”

    1. Yes Sandhya…interesting to venture into different things.
      And it is on the main road….after Tiruvanmiyur RTO office, keep looking for it to your right. Hope that you’ll visit soon πŸ™‚


  1. Do not buy from Jaycee Greens.. they sell veggies and fruits sourced from koyambedu market.. and few of other products are sub standard. I am a farmer who supplied my produce to them, and even after 9 months they did not pay us, even though they are selling at 3 times the price i supplied. I got this koyambedu information from one of the workers there.

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