Microblog Mondays – The Dream

I look at the bride. OMG !! I know her…she is my ex-neighbor’s daughter, but she looks all grown up and all. And what she says stuns me. She is getting married – that too at the top of a 50 feet tall tower. While she sits on top of the tower, the groom is at the bottom of the tower, looking at her (actually looking at her direction) 😉

The groom sends the ring through a motorized lift to the top of the tower. She wears the ring and sends another ring down for the groom to wear.

And I am literally gaping at her, as she is describing this wedding ceremony. What kind of wedding is this, where the groom and the bride don’t look at each other when they exchange the rings ?? I try to explain to her, but she is adamant.

I try talking to her parents and there….behold….I see my patti (grandma).  I wonder what is she doing here !!

And I snap out of my dream….sigh….that was weird.

Who gets married like that, now a days !!

The only happy part of the dream was seeing my Patti 🙂

And who gets weird dreams like me ?? 😛 😛





25 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – The Dream”

  1. Oh uma indeed it was a weird dream but now a days people get married in sky and under water. ..maybe some day someone will get married similar to your dream..

    You love your Patti a lot and subconsciously you think of her…

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    1. Yeah Sari…ppl get married in varied places. But the bride and groom stand next to each other, right ??? Not like this na ??
      Oh no…I don’t want anyone to get married this way Sari :O

      Oh yes….I loved seeing my patti in my dream….she’s close to my heart 🙂


  2. I can match you weird dream for weird dream any day 😉 But I am glad to have company. 😀 😀
    Pssst.. that sure was one weird dream. Lol @the way groom and bride exchanged rings!

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    1. ((hugs)) Shail…now don’t I love your company ❤
      After I woke up, it took me some time to fully understand the weird wedding and also come to terms that all of it was a dream. Because I knew the girl, it looked so much like reality….sigh…

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  3. And you remember every detail! I too get weird dreams like this one! I am living in an old house which has a door through some other house! I had to cross their hall when they are having lunch. Why did I get a dream like that? I had never lived in such an old house, ever. Though the earlier houses were quite small, this one is weird!

    You seem to be having company!

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