Microblog Mondays – Salt & Pepper for me :D

Five years back I noticed a small bunch – made of 10 to 12 hairs – near my forehead on the right side, starting to grey.  It never used to show so much because of my regular use of henna conditioner for my hair.

But the work pressures are on the higher side that the application of henna has got postponed by 2 years…sigh…you read it right.

Doesn’t that leave me the option of remaining in Salt & Pepper colors on my scalp ?? 😉
White and Black are colors too, right ??

Now a days, I don’t mind it at all. But one day, in the coming years, I am going to go for a short hair-cut and make the salt and pepper look stylish too 😛

And Salt and Pepper can look sexy too, like this !! 😀



Do you color your hair ??




17 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – Salt & Pepper for me :D”

  1. 😀 The day someone asked me about the whites on my head I said,” There are not gray hair, these are my wisdom highlights.” I won’t get my hair coloured unless I go punk. :p Then I might get a funky hair cut to match or go bald and get my head tattooed, The options are endless but till then I love aging grcefully and thank you Uma for a wonderful blog post idea . ❤

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  2. This post reminds me of an instance happened in my life. But to be short, I got my hair colored worth rs 5000/. I am known as an extravagant for doing so, in my family. I got teased in every family function now. Lols…But hey, It has been a year now and no grey yet.

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  3. I used to be very conscious about my grey hairs a couple of years ago, and used to regularly henna them so that they wouldn’t show. Hi-5! Thanks to life happening at full speed, my henna application has got delayed by almost two years too. I don’t even remember the last time I got my hair hennaed. Strangely, somewhere down the line, I made peace with the fact that I am growing older, that I have gray hair. I don’t seem to care so much about them any more.

    PS: On an unrelated note, you are into freelance content writing, right? I would like to take up some work too – I am experienced too. Could you refer some projects to me, or help me out in any way you can? I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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    1. H-5 to you !!! Yeah…beyond a point in life, you just let go of that feeling the need to color ! Enjoy life as it comes, is my mantra now 🙂

      And sorry, I dont do freelance content writing, as of now. If I know of any leads, will let you know about it.


  4. ha! I am so vain! 😛
    I color my hair!! I started coloring before I got greys which kinda resulted in me getting those greys right away! 😛
    so, I kept on coloring!! 😀

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    1. Yeah…heard many people do such stuff – start coloring before greying !!
      Sigh…I don’t even want to start coloring now, when the greys are becoming slowly visible. Each one to their own…. 🙂


  5. I use the so called ‘herbal’ dye, though I think some truth is in it, since my throat doesn’t burn when I apply it. Kaca, it is called. I apply once in two months. I have gos, t salt n pepper hair. By the end of 2 months, my original hair is visible! I have to stop dyeing soon!

    Let me see your hair Uma and get inspired to go for a short cut! My family would swoon! Already I am a bit ‘different’ member in our family circle!

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    1. Sandhya, I think its in the way we handle the things – I don’t need to tell you about it. When I first got my vitiligo marks, everyone kept asking me and gave 101 suggestions for curing it. I know it goes on its own and there are no medications. I had to stand up to everyone who spoke about it, telling them that this is me. And slowly everyone stopped talking about it. And feeling different from others is what everyone dies to do…you are already that…why worry about it ?? Enjoy your non-colored hair days 😀


  6. I don’t colour my hair, though I think about it non-stop. I have a Mallen streak, a large streak of white through my hair. And lots of grey throughout. I don’t love it. But I also don’t like the idea of dye. So I’m stuck in limbo.

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    1. I remember…you had written about it in one of your posts 🙂
      I think we’ll get used to that fact, that this is our hair color. And I am glad that you don’t like to color as well !


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