Microblog Mondays – That mushy me


I am one silly romantic at heart.  I love watching those chick-flicks. I love those M&B kind of romantic stories. Only condition is happy ending 😀

Any movie ending, where the guy hugs the girl and kisses, is sure to bring tears to my eyes ! Yeah….I know its too much ! But the tears don’t stop coming yaar, what to do !!

Even when I watch repeat episodes of Castle, I love the way Castle and Kate look at each other or smile…it just melts me.

I am made that way – the mushy girl, deep inside. Flowers entice me, a soft touch and a warm hug are the best gifts in this Earth, according to me.

And both my girls are such a xerox copy of me in this.

Its Christmas time now….but love is in the air for me – always 😀

What about you ??





16 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – That mushy me”

  1. my wife is a sucker for M&B much to my bemusement… I have read a few and they have the same theme… bitch bitch bitch at each other.. in between that is sexual tension… and in the end they fall in love for happily ever after! lol… I cant believe how she reads atleast 3 M&B every week for so many years!

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    1. Oh Shail….I fall for it always !! Now, I am unable to read many books because of the work pressure and all. But if I could squeeze in a small book to refresh me and relax me, I would go for a romantic one.
      Of course, there are other books for other days 😀
      Hi-5 to another romantic at heart ❤

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  2. I love romance novels!! Though not a huge fan of M&B’s .. but they can be comforting on period days! (don’t ask me why I read them only during my periods!!:P)

    I love mush – a hug, a single red rose, a compliment, a smile.. sigh! 😀

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