Guest post by younger one

My younger one is so full of life, highly emotional and very expressive with what she feels. I love her for that.  When she was young, she’ll always ask me to read out the story books to her. It was always that way.  While my elder one kept reading books on her own, I’ll be reading out to this younger one. She took to reading on her own much later. But now, she just can’t put the books down.  She is always in search of books to read – any genres. And I am glad that I took time to read out to her.

But now, she stumped me with this extempo speech in her class. Her English teacher was impressed too, which made me more happy.

Here is her speech, as a guest post – of course, am a proud mom showing off here 😀 😀



Sometimes it still feels like I just joined this school and soon I’ll be done with school and my 3 years in this school.

14 years of school life in 6 different schools – it has been quite a journey.  It goes without saying that these 3 years have taught me so much and has shaped me into the person who is ready and raring to go out into the world where a new journey will begin.

Everyone’s talking about fond primary school memories and how much fun it was back then and I just sit thinking how it would have been if I were in a school from start to end.  I have always ended up being the New Kid; not that it was a bad thing but it wasn’t a great thing too, for me.

It was always nice and exciting meeting new people, making new friends but sometimes I felt I didn’t entirely belong there.  One thing I realized after coming to this school was that almost all of you have been here from the beginning and have literally grown up together.  This is the biggest thing that I’ve missed out in my 14 years of school.

College is something I really look forward to because at least then I won’t be the only New Kid around. Also, its exciting to think about living on my own in a new place and experiencing the college life that everyone’s been talking about.  I’m not saying that I won’t miss my class but I can’t wait for the years to come.

So, nothing is permanent in life, be it people, schools or any situation too. It’s good to get attached to the familiarity of it but also be ready to let go when its time and adapt to any change that comes along.  So, enjoy every moment because you’re not going to get it back ever.

14 Replies to “Guest post by younger one”

  1. Nice, well-articulated post, though I don’t identify with studying in the same school being better in anyway (like I already told you, Uma). Coincidentally, I have moved 6 schools too, but in 10 years of schooling, and 3 different colleges in 5 years of college-life. I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to do it again.
    I love the summing up and agree with it. Kudos, to your younger one (and to you) 🙂

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    1. Yeah Shail, I remember – you had written in one of my previous posts 🙂
      Thank you…will pass on the wishes to her !
      This is her view now…may be she’ll understand the advantages of shifting schools as she grows up !

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  2. While I have studied in the same school from KG to 11, sonny boy has been to 8 schools (and play schools) in various cities over the last 10 years! I know, he has to start all over again every time he joined a new school. But that made him a friendly and a gregarious guy too! So, yes, can understand the thoughts shared here! All the very best to you lil one, as you enter the new world of college, freedom and self-sufficiency! ♥

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