Microblog Mondays – Snooze time

Getting up early morning is a ritual, to pack lunch for my daughter.   I need to check out the ingredients available, then think of a suitable dish and then start cooking.  For all these, I need to be up by 5.30 am.

But you know what ?? I keep my alarm for 5am.  When I was young, the alarms never urged me to wake up.  We used to have those manual alarm clocks.  I’ll sleep through the alarm peacefully while someone else in the house will switch the alarm off, muttering under their breath about me and my alarm 😛

The manual alarm clocks don’t come near me as I’ve switched to my cell phone alarm 😀

When the alarm rings at 5, I am in no hurry to get up. Seriously…this is the part I love. I snooze the alarm on my cell phone.

Then again the alarm rings at 5.05, 5.10, 5.15, 5.20, 5.25 and every time I snooze it and cover my head and go to sleep again. That 30 minutes of sleep is my most precious sleep which I can never forego.

Then when the final call for 5.30 happens, I decide its high time to face the day ahead.

There are days, when I switch off the alarm instead of snoozing it and sleep extra and have one rush day.  But I love my snooze time sleep.

So, do you snooze your alarm ??

Or rush out of your bed when you hear one ring of the alarm ??



26 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – Snooze time”

  1. ha ha ha ha….is this my post or yours 😛 I have my alarm set for 5 AM and on a good day I get up by 5:20 (after snoozing) and mostly I get up by 5:30 😀 But yes I sleep after deciding the menu for next day 😀

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    1. Hi-5 Smita for such matching similarities 😀
      There are days when the daughter asks for something to be cooked, then I plan it. Otherwise its something I pick up from what is available and cook.


  2. Hahaha….I never snooze my alarm…switch it off, just relax on the bed for a few mts and get up. I am a restless person. Once the alarm wakes me up, I can’t go back to sleep, in whichever way I try. It would be nice to sleep off till at least 6 am. I can’t!

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    1. Sandhya, I don’t know…these days the urge to sleep in that morning hour, seems to be the most important thing for me 😀
      I think its always looking for what is not happening right ?? Or do we loose the urge to sleep as we grow older ?? My mom is unable to sleep for longer hours in the night !


  3. All you people seem to be waking up at 5.30. I felt really stupid after reading this. I wake up at.. umm.. never mind. I am too embarrassed to say. And yes, I snooze atleast 5 times before I am up, despite it being so late.

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  4. 5:30? O.o What are you ? superwoman? 😛 I do the same thing btw. keep hitting snooze till its finally time to wakey wakey 😀 so my alarm’s are set to about half an hour to twenty minutes before when I really need to wake up

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  5. I never ever snooze the alarm. I hate sleeping like that, to be woken every 5 or 10 minutes again by the alarm. My alarm is set for 5-45 a.m. Either I get up then and there or switch it off and go back to sleep. I hate this ‘snooze’ business 😀

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  6. I never snooze. My hubby does and it drives me nuts! Haha, I just can’t keep sleeping. Once the alarm goes off, I’m up. I think partly I’m afraid it won’t go off again and then I’ll sleep in and be late for work.

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  7. IF I set an alarm (which I seldom do because of my internal clock) I still wake up before it goes off. And, I NEVER hit snooze. Don’t even know where the button is on our alarm.

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  8. i HATE snooze. to be constantly woken up from sleep is a nightmare and the road to sure headaches!! i set my alarm for exactly when i need to be woken up, and usually i am up before the alarm anyways!!

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    1. Its when I get out of bed abruptly I get headaches !
      Of course, with this alarm system in place, I cant even sleep longer on Sundays…I wake up automatically at 5.30 😐


  9. I actually read somewhere that you’re more likely to feel tired during the day if you use the snooze, than if you get up when the alarm goes. Of course, I always love an extra ten minutes in bed, to give myself time to wake up. If I stay longer, I find it very hard.


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