Raising my voice for Pallikaranai Marshlands

Our PM, Mr Modi, has been inspiring the people of this country with his impressive speeches.  And every one of his speech calls out to people to do something for this country of ours and not wait for the Government to come and do everything.

My special liking is for those calls to make a cleaner India.

I am a self-obsessed cleanliness freak.  And its a proud moment to say that none of us in my family litter or spit on the roads or public places.  Even if we collect some trash after eating out, I pack it all and bring it home to be thrown in the dust-bin.  It saddens me when people throw things out of buses, trains and even spit out of them too.  What about a dangerous cigarette butt with fire, being thrown out of a car !! How insane are these people !!

And then came the inspiring speech from the PM.  Now, here is a person, who the whole country sits up and listens to.  And when he approached the topic of cleanliness, I applauded him so much.

A clean country is the need of the hour and it’s in our hands to make this happen.  To enable such a change among the masses, we as the people of India can contribute in varied ways.

For example, I stay in a multi-storeyed apartment. And we still don’t have a system to collect the organic wastes and the in-organic wastes separately. When I asked the concerned people in my Apartment, they said that there is no point in doing so, as the Corporation mixes them all again.  I want this system of collecting garbage to change and give provision for separate collection system for organic and in-organic wastes.

Why this is important to me ?? I happen to stay near the only marshlands Chennai can boast of – Pallikaranai.  It’s a beautiful place where one gets to see amazingly lovely birds; I think they have started coming, as winter is approaching.  And this marshlands is being used by the Corporation as a garbage dump-yard, killing the environment slowly.

And with all the organic and in-organic wastes mixed together, it’s going to be a sure-shot death for these lovely marshlands, in a few years from now.

If it had been only organic wastes, at least, it would have helped the marshlands in some way. The plastics and rubber and the constant fire by the garbage dumping people, is such a big scare for the birds and the beauty of the marshlands.

Now, isn’t it our priority to protect the marshlands and make way for more birds to come in and breed here ?  Given enough time and proper maintenance, these Pallikaranai marshlands can become like Vedanthangal, in the protection of birds. It’s all in our hands to make it happen.

Here is where the Strepsils AbMontuBolega #AbMontuBolega Campaign comes into place. This Campaign is all about raising your voice to a Cleaner India.  We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.


Here is a Campaign that marks the end of being a silent spectator and start talking about what matters most to us.

Now, through this campaign, I would like my voice to reach out to many people and make a difference in the authorities stand of using the Pallikaranai as a garbage dump-yard.  You can read more on Pallikaranai marsh lands and the manipulation of these marshlands here – [link]


This post was written for Indiblogger The Power of Voice to Clean India Campaign #AbMontuBolega
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10 Replies to “Raising my voice for Pallikaranai Marshlands”

  1. Thankfully, a big part of Pallikaranai marsh has been converted into reserve forest. So the dumping is not expanding into the forest land now. You should go to the Pallikaranai bird walk – it’s organized by Madras Naturalists’ society, I think, during the Madras Day celebrations. They explain the efforts taken by its members to restore the marsh.

    Destination Infinity


    1. I agree Rajesh, but if you see on a day-to-day basis, the dumping is going on. I stay nearby. They sometimes light up the garbage too.
      I know people are working hard to avoid the dumping. And my voice just adds up to it.
      There is a board that says that its reserve forest…but there’s no one to really see if its really protected.


  2. We are collecting green wastes separately in our apartment and make it into compost for our garden. I have seen Pallikkaranai marsh with the beautiful birds. Hope something is done to help them survive there.

    Well written post, Uma!

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    1. WTG Sandhya….I wish my apartment people also realize the advantage of separating wastes.
      I remember the walk we had with Shail…absolutely beautiful na… 🙂


  3. Well written Uma. I had no clue about the Pallikaranai marshlands. Thank to your post, I went and read about it. What a shame about what is happening to it. I really wish we would wake up. not just about this but so many things. cleanliness, treating our environment better, treating animals better… glad you raised your voice. each voice counts. more like me will read and be aware.

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    1. Thank you Indyeah.
      One thing – I stay nearby and so I happen to know about this issue. Second, the timely prompt is the thing which enabled me to write this – am thankful for that. Even though I’ve been feeling that this garbage dumping should stop, its only now that I actually wrote about it.
      I am loving the fact that blogs help spread social awareness on various issues.

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