Healthy with Chyawanprash

It was in 2003, that we moved to Hyderabad from the hot and humid Chennai.  Me and my two daughters, in classes 1 and 3, were pretty excited about the shift. And it was a shift to the land of “Paradise” for me.  I’ve heard all about the yummy food stories in the land of Nizams and I was waiting to taste it all.

But of course, since we shifted after the academic year was over, we all landed on the hottest day of the City in the beginning of May. The sun’s rays hit upon us with all the force it had and the house felt like an oven. New to this climate, our eyes puffed up immediately. How red the eyes became !! We didn’t know to handle that heat, even though we stayed at home the whole day. Help came through neighbors and relatives. A bottle of sabja seeds was pushed into my hands by my aunt, with instructions on how to soak them and how to eat them too. Lots of onions were consumed to cool our bodies. And slowly and steadily, we got accustomed to that heat. Of course, the swimming pool was greatly helpful in cooling us off.

And then we started enjoying the rains along with the chill which prevailed at all the times. It was a wonderful feeling for me, as I have never experienced such chill in the climate.  I started loving the contrast in climate, in the amazing food, in the people (they are more friendly, for sure) and on the whole, started loving Hyderabad.

And then came the winters and with it started another issue as well.

My girls needed to catch their school bus by 7am and it used to be quite chill during those morning hours. Even though wearing a scarf and sweater was part of the uniform and the girls wore them quite diligently, the chill wind always affected them, especially my younger one.

She’ll often fall sick with terrible cough and fever and the phlegm she used to spit gave me the scares.  I used to take her to a Pediatrician, who eventually became my daughter’s friend too.  She used to prescribe very low dose of antibiotics stating that too much would affect the child’s health in the long run. Even though I appreciated her thoughts, I was helpless as the cough never subsided.

And also the Doctor would never give antibiotics for longer duration, even when my child was prone to throat infections quite often. I used to feel terrible and helpless on most days. I just wanted the winter to go away. My first chilly winter where I could really enjoy the day with a sweater, was not appealing to me, because of my daughter’s throat infections.

I prayed to God fervently to make my child healthy again, as she couldn’t go to school which irritated her all the more.  The angel came in the form of my neighbor, who suggested me to give Dabur Chyawanprash to my daughter. She said that the results are amazing and that I would say goodbye to such cough and cold disorders for ever.

The next moment, I ran to the nearby shop and got a bottle of Dabur Chyawanprash and gave both my girls a spoonful of it, followed by warm milk, as suggested by my angel neighbor.  Since the girls took a liking to the taste of Dabur Chyawanprash, they enjoyed these sessions of gulping a spoonful of it and the warm milk which followed.

And then the miracle happened. Slowly and steadily I could see the changes in my daughter’s cough episodes and the phlegm spitting.  The cough reduced and so did the phlegm spitting.  My daughter became healthier with every day that passed by.  School time was welcomed with a happy face and I was absolutely happy to have overcome a health issue with that magical bottle of Chyawanprash.

Little did I know that healthiness comes in a “Power Packed Bottle of Chyawanprash”, to which I am forever indebted to.


8 Replies to “Healthy with Chyawanprash”

  1. Uma ,

    Thank you for the post . I heard and saw people eating dabur chyawanprash , but never tried or heard it’s benefits . Now I will use it as I also face same problem with my son . Hope his cough also comes under control . Thanks a lot for the post . Hugs !



  2. Ah. Chyawanprash! I loved it so much at a time that I would sit with a large spoonful and a bowl to keep it in. Winter afternoons would necessitate a Chyawanprash feast. Such memories you brought back! 😀


  3. Your post takes me back to school too, Uma!

    I still get bad attacks of persistent cough, and the ayurvedic medicine I eat is very close to Dabur Chyawanprash too. Ammama used to make one with shallots and black jaggery at home, and that was equally powerful.


  4. Ha! I used to get sick pretty easily and remember having a spoonful every day!
    Frankly speaking, I think low doses of antibiotics probably created the issue in the first place. A dose that is lower than standard doesn’t get rid of the bacteria and also creates resistant varieties. Plus, most colds are viral infections, for which antibiotics are completely inappropriate and useless! Just FYI!


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