Here and there…

Ok…I’ve tried the Briyanis at many outlets in Chennai. They don’t even reach the basic standard level. Either it tastes like tomato rice (red color) or pepper rice (black color) or curry leaves rice (green color) with a piece of chicken in it and to add to my anger, one boiled egg will be occupying most of the place in that small container.  And they always over-cook the chicken. It’s never tender. It hard and fibrous and difficult to eat.

Hyderabad had done this to me…my taste buds demand a higher level of taste in food, which I fail to get in this City so far.

So, Ramzan had us eating one lousy briyani which was made with red chilli powder and over-cooked chicken 😦


There was a debate. My point was that Rama can be a great King but he failed his wife Sita and that he is not a great example of husband material for men to idolize him.  Even after Sita went through the fire (I don’t agree on that too), he had to send her out of the Kingdom when she was pregnant. Absolutely not justified is my opinion.

But there are people, who can’t accept this because of the strong religious beliefs imparted to them since childhood. They are unable to break the teachings that made them to what they are now.  It’s quite sad to know the people still hold on to those beliefs and never raise themselves to question them.

And then this happened at my home :

Overheard this conversation in my dining area…

Chithi : What book are you reading now ??

Amma : Paavai Vilakku….you have already read it. Remember, its the story abt that guy who marries 3 or 4 times !!

Chithi : Oh yeah…I’ve read it. But the men in all the stories marry many times and everyone around is OK with it. Even when Arjuna married so many times, the women felt blessed to be married to Arjuna and nobody felt that anything is wrong about one man marrying so many women. I don’t agree with it.

Amma : I agree. Now I am reading Narayaneeyam. In that Krishna marries so many times. What kind of example have the Gods displayed to us ??

** I was chuckling away to glory at how my Amma and Chithi (Dad’s younger brother’s wife) questioned the staunch beliefs that they held since childhood ** Its time for a great change in our thinking…let it happen !!

* Narayaneeyam – Slokas told by Narayana Bhattar to relieve himself of some physical disease he suffered from. Reading this is supposed to be a good healer. This is part of the Bhagavata Purana.


In another 10 days elder one is leaving to hostel. Where did the 3 months holidays go ?? Anyway, we have to get to packing, yet again 🙂

The younger one is a busy bee, what with her 12th class schedules, special classes and all.

And now, in another year, she’ll be in college too. Time is running too fast. I need to make more good times with the girls.


I also want to go and watch movies in the theatre.

I want to go to the beach and get wet.

I want to eat fried fish and bajjis and corn on the coals by the beach.

So, whats happening at your side ??


14 Replies to “Here and there…”

  1. I always had issues with glorifying Lord Rama with all his issues. I keep this to myself mainly because it hurts sentiments and I couldn’t bother. But you feel is absolutely what I do.
    Also, been eating a LOT of bajjis, fried fish and roasted corn but out by the hills in the monsoons 🙂 Heaven I tell ya.
    Hyderabad rocks.


    1. Agree DI…even I dont want to hurt the sentiments of my elders. But sometimes its good to see a welcome change in elders 🙂
      Oh yeah…Hyd rocks and you are one lucky woman !! That corn…hmmmm…did it taste better in Hyd ?? 😛


  2. that’s a welcoming convo btw Amma and Chithi.. If there is one thing I learned from this blog it is to question the beliefs and think and talk sensibly (sensibly – yes getting there)..
    I want Biriyani.. like noww.. I don’t care if chicken is overcooked or rice is undercooked. I want to atleast smell the flavor of biriyani.. Nowww


    1. Ani….briyani does that to us, right ??? We just want it like NOW !! Esp, when I menstruate, I yearn to eat spicy, eye-watering kind of briyani 😀 😀
      Yes…make way for sensible conversations…am happy 🙂


  3. Ooohhh I havent had authentic Hyderabadi biryani..a visit there is needed just to eat the biryani I guess

    Yay to that conversation between Amma and Chitti..we are progressing no?

    and yep..I hate the rains, but do enjoy the bhajjis and corn:)


    1. You bet RM…just go there for the culinary treat 🙂
      You hate the rains??? Come on…the first time I am hearing something like that !! Go on and get wet happily once 😀 😀


  4. I have one question, Ram gave up the kingdom to honor his father’s word. Bharat ruled during the time and I don’t hear anything wrong that happened during his rule. So when aspersions were cast on Sita, WHY didn’t Rama stand by her, give up his kingdom and let one of his brother’s rule?! How come the kingdom and subjects became suddenly more important than the promise to wife to stand by her (every marriage entails that)?!! So keeping your father’s promise is more important than standing by your wife? Kingdom and subjects (who can very well be ruled by anyone) are more important that you leave a pregnant wife in the forest?!


    1. Bang on questions Shail….
      Every story can have its share of plus and minus. Its the people’s mentality who accept all that the hero does as right, which has led to the epic rise in status for this story. Such misconceptions need to change.

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  5. If u come to hyd next time I will make some very good biryani for u or we shall go to the best biryani outlet- may b 4 seasons or paradise- U decide 😀 But dont ditch me this time 😉
    best wishes to elder and bday wishes to the younger one


    1. Of course…I’ll never miss that meeting with you, if I happen to be in Hyd. I already promised myself that one. And what better place than a briyani place….aaahhhh….now my heart tells me to plan a trip !! 😉


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