The Glory of Menstrual Blood

A few days back, I had put up a status update in FB like:

Two ladies actually mothers, were discussing about the color of their menstrual blood. And it was decided by them that the menstrual blood is BAD blood being shed from the body and that’s why it is black in color. And that’s why menstruating people are not allowed to do a host of things.

I was shocked. Bad blood huh ??ย 

They didn’t even know from where the blood comes and how menstruation happens.

Sat with them and explained the whole process.
Am happy to have made a difference to two ladies !!

I’ve always felt that menstruation is one of the best things that happened to us, women, and there is always a greater reason that we have it in us. ย The comments that I got for this status update proves it beyond anything, the goodness of the menstrual blood and how much of life saving mechanisms God has given to us through our menstrual blood.
[Please refer to the link to understand why menstrual blood is darker in color]

Given below are a few comments, without taking names:

Menstrual blood is indeed a medicine. In those old days, the menstrual cloth is used to cure hunch back and serious illness. Tamil poetess Avaiyaar had explained about it.

Even now menstrual blood is used for stem cells.

Tell such ladies that you shed stem cells and not any polluted blood.

I know many educated (supposedly) women who have no knowledge about menstruation. They follow customs and belief handed over to them by generations.

Actually a research analyst in Chennai has found out that the second day discharge can actually be used as a life saver …something akin to cord blood after just preliminary refinement.

It was stem cells from menstrual blood that cured Lisa Ray and her organization Life stem is about menstrual blood banking which is a fab idea.

In Bengal menstruating women are not treated cheaply and neither are daughters..its a progressively matriarchal society. When Sharda ma got her periods..She refused to cook for Goddess Kali…Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said..thisย is the very basis of jananaa…if you don’t cook both my Kali and I will go hungry..Bengalis believe that as a mother accepts her daughter menstruating or not….so will Ma Kali…am happy to have been raised in such a progressive society..!!! hope this explanation will make some difference …

Now, isn’t that wonderful ?? We, women, should be happy that we have such a life saving force in our menstrual blood, in the form of stem cells and instead of glorifying it, all we end up doing is discriminating our fellow women-folk during times of menstruation.

This situation needs to change. Women everywhere should understand the benefits of menstrual blood and spread this information to more women.

We should stop criticizing that its bad blood because of its color. We should stop giving a list of Don’t dos, during times of menstruation. It’s high time we grow up to understand the necessity of such a life-saving force which is also a life-giving one.

There should be proper ways to teach young girls about this wonderful God-given gift to us. Instead of putting a full-stop to Sex-Education in school, there should be training methods to teachers on how to go on with this kind of education at school level. We should insist on teaching the girls that this nothing to be ashamed of.

My sincere request to all mothers is, please make some extra time and explain all about menstruation to your young children (both boys and girls) and how much of good things lie within that menstrual blood. Let us glorify the menstrual blood and not feel ashamed of having it.

I am totally proud of the fact that I menstruate. Are you ??

Thanks to all the friends who commented to my status in FB, giving me valuable information about menstrual blood.



15 Replies to “The Glory of Menstrual Blood”

  1. Well said Uma!! Very well said.. *applauds*
    Its astounding the kind of mis-information people carry around regarding menstrual blood. and they refuse to be educated either! that’s the sad part..


  2. I can’t say I feel proud to menstruate :)…just such a pain to me…but I definitely was shocked to know that it is a taboo topic and considered an inauspicious phase for a woman in many parts of India!! Glad you wrote about this topic!


    1. Oh yeah…theetu is such a derogatory word ! People should start talking about it more and remove such un-informed faiths and taboos.
      Thanks for the link..will sure read it ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Totally agree with you that we should be in fact proud that we menstruate. In fact we should be proud of everything that makes us a woman. We are life givers! I have always conjectured that the menstrual blood is the most potent and pure blood since this is the blood which nourishes a baby if pregnancy happens.


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