Kill that thought…

…that Culinary Arts is not a Professional Course.

There are this set of oldies, who refuse to get out of this thought process. Especially when my daughter had good scores in her 10th Science and her overall in 12th, it beats them why this girl has not gone into the conventional Engineering stream or any professional course ?? Its been a year since she joined college, but the questioning has not subsided.

They even had a stupid question for us like “Didn’t she get into any other college ? Is that why she joined Culinary Arts??”  And I was like Grrrr…absolutely angry…totally furious !! People, please stop being so stupid and grow up in thinking at least now.

In what way is a Culinary Arts course is considered less professional ?? I just can’t comprehend why its impossible for them to understand that being a Chef is one of the damn neat professional courses, you can ever see in today’s World.  The only course, where you study what you are going to do in the Kitchen. The practical sessions replicate the kitchens where they’ll work eventually and a lot is learned by practice, while the theory part is supplementary.  It’s an absolute delight to work in fully equipped kitchens and preparing the most delicate dishes, doing the plating and then finally to see the smile on the person who is happy to receive his plate. The gratification is instantaneous.  And it’s certainly not like those Engineering courses, where students study something and end up working in a BPO sending emails to customers.

I would also like to remind to those people that there is something called PASSION and what we approach with passion, we’ll be happy doing it for the rest of our lives. If my daughter is passionate about cooking / baking and would like to feed people, what’s so wrong about making it her profession ??

And next time, I would like all the concerned people to come and talk to me one on one and not feed the stupid questions to somebody else. I am ready to answer to your stupidity, if its required.



28 Replies to “Kill that thought…”

  1. Daughter is doing a course in culinary arts!! how super cool is that..that’s something the spouse and I wish the brat would join (she is only 6, but a mother can dream no?) And seriously, why is that a problem to people!! I would have come and pestered you (if I were in the same city of yours) asking you to ask the daughter to give some super innovative ideas :):)

    So so proud of her..really and truly 🙂


  2. totally agree with you.. i want my daughter to excel in some art form, not do regular studying stuff..i am so happy that ur daughter is pursuing her dream.. in fact even i was not allowed to join fashion design as it was consider not professional. :(. At least convinced parents for doing architecture.. :).


    1. And with encouraging parents like you, your daughter will certainly follow her heart and do wonderful things.
      Things have changed a lot from those days and as parents we should allow our children to go behind their dreams 🙂


  3. I would like to do a course like that .. and even enquired here but just cud not afford it is so expensive … forget about the stupid people what they are saying .. who cares ..

    and Now dont laugh at when i said I tried joining 🙂

    all the best to the little one and god bless


    1. There are these ppl who dont have any other job other than to pry into other’s lives and make comments, right ??
      Yes, I am trying my best to ignore them !!


  4. i can understand, it’s the problem with society. My best friend is a graduate in music and she teaches music now, but many people only consider monetary benefits that a job can get Vs passion the person have. Music is high on demand, she gets money from online music classes, direct classes or she has the option to work as a teacher. More flexibility than an IT job and peace of mind. But, people always pity that she is not an engineer and couldn’t earn like s/w professionals. i just hate the mentality of these kind of people who cannot appreciate uniqueness of an individual


    1. Being a music teacher and having her own timings for teaching, doing what she loves – she is the one who is truly happy ! And not those heavy earning s/w professionals !!
      But there are ppl who can’t understand this and can’t see how happy she is. Just give her a hug from me 🙂
      And you said it right – they cant appreciate the uniqueness of an individual !!


  5. Uma, don’t waste your breath and energy on the ‘old school of thought people’ . They are like that only. What is most important is that as parents you and jeena are nurturing the passion of your daughter. One day she will be as famous and successful as Nigella and we are all there to applaud. So hats off uma and encourage her with all your love. Cheers malu


    1. ((hugs)) for everything !! Of course, I am not going to waste any more of my energy thinking about them and what they talk about my daughter’s course of study.
      Thank you for your kind words and wishes 🙂


  6. She is super cool, you know?! because she is following her passion and she has an amazing set of parents who are supporting her! 🙂
    hugs Ums!! Don’t let a few naysayers get to you!!


    1. Oh yeah Pix, my daughter is super cool about her course and we are feeling damn good about it. 🙂
      Its high time I get past these people who have different mindsets than mine !!
      Thanks dear 🙂


  7. Ooh! things have definitely improved Ums! When I took up Commerce after topping school in 10th people asked me why I would choose to be with the stupid folk! And it took forever to convince them. Actually no, we never tried 😉 It’s just that now when I travel the world with a fancy Finance degree they shut up.
    But yes, it will take a while for it to be totally ok, in fact we shouldn’t want it. When your girl is out there making money out of her passion, the mouths will shut up 🙂 So chill!


    1. ha ha…I like the way you shut them up 🙂
      Thanks DI for that…people reading my post will also read your comment on how you can study what you are passionate about and still do well in life…hugs 🙂


  8. Too good an article. I am not alone!
    I’ll be joining you soon as a Chef’s mother, Uma!!! My daughter is just in 8th std, but crazy about cooking and baking already.


    1. Welcome to my space Sunitha 🙂

      Thats a wonderful thing that you can do as a mother – let your child choose what she wants to do with her life…great decision !


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