One visit to, which made my day !

I am a hopeless internet shopper. For me, everything needs to come under my microscopic visual scanner. Right from the texture of the material to the stitching and even to check if there is interlocking stitch in the end – am sort of mad that way. I need my worth of goods for the money I am paying.

True to my heart, I’ve bought only books from Flipkart, over the net. And of course, books are books – the visual scanner test is done successfully. But with clothes, accessories, shoes and the kind, it’s so difficult to override the visual scanner test of mine and go by digital images.  The numerous attractive offers from that fill the screen when I log in, made me go weak in the knees and I decided to try out online shopping.

So, I first checked out on what are the things they have to offer, that might tempt me. And starting from the main home page to all the sections, the collection was quite mind-boggling. The most attractive thing was the discounts, which will surely tempt any person to try online shopping at Jabong.

I went crazy with the thought of “What should I buy first?”. I am always wary of buying clothes – may be I am scared of getting the wrong size.  So, chose a safe alternative of accessories.

And being the mother of a bag crazy daughter, I started off with the bags section. And I was literally carried away by the wonderful collection of bags there. Those printed shopping bags caught my eye. Actually, I chose one beautiful blue polka-dotted bag and added it to my cart. But I wanted to see more, before I could finalize on buying this bag.

When I decided to go for it, that bag was gone. No stock. And I hit myself hard for losing out such a cute bag. Probably people are thronging to buy things, that they get sold so fast.

Things happen for a reason, I told myself. And again went into my search for bags. I was not disappointed. A beautiful green bag, a kind which I don’t have before, was the chosen one. It was too bright for me, but my daughter kept telling me that it will look great when I carry it.

When I added it to the shopping cart, I was informed that it’ll take 3-4 days for delivery of that bag. And I was fine with it. But it was delivered in 2 days, all the way from Delhi, with such neat packing.

3 cheers to, for making my experience with online shopping, a happy one and of course a satisfied one too.

What I loved about the whole experience:

  1. Detailed description of the product with length, width and height specifications. Made me feel better that I am not buying a small bag which looks big in the picture.
  2. Pictures of the bag that zoom in various angles, helped me to decide better on whether there is a zip, the length of the handle and if I’ll be comfortable wearing it on my shoulder.
  3. The availability of the same bag in different colors are being shown, which makes a person to go for the right color of choice.

And this is the bag, which I loved and got from Jabong. Ain’t it pretty ?? I loved the cute small pouch, which matches with the bag. For all you know, you might find me with this bag, in some pic 😀


Now, that I am a satisfied customer of Jabong, my next buy could also be clothes. I am fully confident of getting my size, at this awesome shopping site.  And also I am sure that clothes from this Jabong, are sure to pass the visual scanner test of mine 🙂


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