Thoughts become things


I was putting kolam in the mandapam like thing at home, which is my place of worship and to a certain extent, faith. I always put the Aiswarya Kolam, in which I got trained as a kid and these are some hard-core impressions, made in the mind and I refuse to change sometimes.


And about a decade back, one of my relatives, taught me the cute little 3 petal lotus flower kolam. She is very good at heart and she kept insisting that I put this lotus flower kolam, as much as I want everyday, for this will bring me the lucky signs of buying a house of my own.  So, I started putting this kolam regularly. lotus_flower_drawing

Then, someone told me that, if you have a picture or painting of a house and keep looking at it everyday, your dream house will become a reality. And of course, it was pure luck that my girls learnt “Emboss Painting” and one of them did a picture of a house. Voila ! We even got a house picture, painted by the girls, framed and hung very nicely for me to see everyday and dream about my new house.

And I kept talking about putting this kolam regularly to my relative and she assured me that soon enough, we will be living in our own house.

You won’t believe it, in a matter of six months, we bought our new house and moved in too.  Now, everyone appreciated the power of the 3 petal lotus kolam and the framed house picture which made such a fabulous thing of buying a home, happen in a matter of six months. I also believed in them, till recently.

Now, I believe in the power of words and related thoughts.

All the while, I was putting the 3 petal lotus, my mind was constantly thinking about the dream home which I wanted to own. Whenever I saw the framed house picture, my mind kept thinking about the house I wanted to buy. This constant thinking about something I desired was so strong, that the Universe listened to it and made it happen. It was pretty obvious, but it took me a decade to understand the power of words and thoughts.

Everyone says, circumambulate a North facing Ganesha 9 times, if you want something to happen. Write 108 times “Sriramajayam” for things to work out well. Tell a particular sloka 9 times for better life. Observe fast and do this puja or that, for a better career. We do all these things and positive changes do happen in our life. And all this while, I was thinking that it’s the power of the circumambulation or the fast or the repeated writing. What I failed to understand during these exercises, was that the mind was constantly thinking of something good to happen / a better career change / positive changes in life. And it’s those thoughts of what we want to happen, has made it happen. It’s so powerful that sometimes it does scare me. I am training myself to always think good and positive.

It also helps to visualize things, which we want to happen. Keep looking at a picture of what we want quite often, to get that image ingrained in memory.  Then our mind’s focus and thoughts are always on this thing and its difficult to get distracted. When the yearning becomes more, the power of thinking helps us get the thing we wanted.  This power is amazing and I’ve started experiencing it in many small ways.

Its my faith that what I think will become things ! Now, doesn’t that make the Brain all the more powerful ??



18 Replies to “Thoughts become things”

  1. Yes they do. I have a strong belief about it. Visualization helps, belief helps, focus helps and one has to work towards the goal too. It may seem that you are taking baby steps. One day you look back and realize the distance you’ve covered. Congratulations on the new home


    1. The new home happened 8 years ago and now we are on the verge of selling it. Of course, to buy another one here.

      I understand all of that now…those magical words and thoughts which made all the difference, while I was thinking it was something else.


  2. Well the power of ‘The Secret’ was taught to me by my grandmother and mother in the daily morning rituals that i perform till date but I have understood it’s full potential and power only now.


    1. I am glad to see you here, after a long time 🙂
      I know you could relate to this post, just like what I thought…we just take time to understand things.


  3. You are quite right! Your beliefs are important!
    Positivity brings positive things in our life! hugs Uma!!

    As for kolams – I can’t draw a line using that powder! 😀


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