Making my own Pizza at Pizza Corner

Pizza Corner is dearer to my heart. I remember very well, when my elder one was about 2 years old, Pizza Corner opened its outlet near our home. And we used to take our girls to Pizza Corner, for that play area, which my kids loved being in. Because of the more frequent visits, we became friends with the Store Manager and we even went inside the kitchen to see how they make Pizza. Never I thought that I’ll be re-living that experience and make my own Pizza.

It was indeed wonderfully different and exciting to make my own Pizza at Pizza Corner, last Saturday.

Pizza Corner hosted a “Pizza Party” specially aimed at bloggers to come appreciate and enjoy the Pizza making experience. And who in their right minds can refuse such an offer ! I agreed immediately, even though I had to travel quite a bit to this particular branch of Pizza Corner.

When I reached Pizza Corner, Virugambakkam branch, a few bloggers had already come and I came to know that another big group of bloggers are coming soon. It was time to introduce and make friends.  This whole thing was organized by Ms. Deepa, for her company and she turned out to be another sweet soul.

Then we were taken into the kitchen of Pizza Corner for that amazing experience of making the Pizza base. Lots of techniques, methods to get that perfect round shape, were used. I did try my best but with help from the superbly trained staff, my Pizza came out in super shape and corner


Now, doesn’t it look deliciously yummy ?? 😛

And I didn’t stop with this…I went ahead and tried my hand in making the Conizza – the Pizza in a cone. A wonderful twist to the Pizza !!


I was standing with the utmost delight with the Conizza in my hand, like a child 😀 Thank you Pizza Corner, for this amazing experience.

A few things which caught my eyes which I really need to appreciate and mention are :
– The staff are Pizza Corner are ever smiling and ready to help and make our mistakes vanish.
– The kitchen is damn neat, things in the right place for ease of use by everybody.
– A friendly atmosphere by the staff helped in making friends easily.

We were offered a welcome drink and some knick knacks too. And of course, we got to eat the Pizza we made or share it with other friendly bloggers. But, the Conizza was all mine 😛

A warm afternoon, spent well among friendly bloggers, in one clean Pizza Corner kitchen, making Pizza and eating it too !! Life is a blessing 🙂



10 Replies to “Making my own Pizza at Pizza Corner”

    1. What else ?? Grilled chicken, olives, jalapeno, onion, capsicum 😛
      Of course, I also used chicken tikka 😛 😛
      And totally loved the experience 🙂


  1. This reminded me of school. One fine day, some of us were taken to Dominos to observe how pizzas were made. I still remember the thrill I had walking into a fridge. 😛
    Sounds like you had a great time!


    1. Even we love Dominos Pizza 🙂
      Oh yeah…I loved making my own pizza, where I didnt have to slog and make the dough or the cut the veggies for topping. Absolutely enjoyed :d


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