When I wrote for my friend

Dear Janaki,

It was IndiBlogeshwari Group in FB, which made us meet and the moment I saw your DP, I wanted to be friends with you. Your face exuded such warmth and that smile was inviting enough for me, for a friendship.

And when the friendship happened, I loved meeting you online, knowing you, your likes. It was fun discovering the many similarities between us.  I wanted to surprise you on your birthday by calling you. But you shocked me by identifying me before I could surprise you 😛 😛

I’ve experienced this with many of our IB friends, that we are able to bond well, in spite of not bonding over blogs.  This is a first for me, as I always base my friendship on what people write in their blogs.  This time the blogs came in later, after the friendship was already formed.

So, when you asked me to do a guest post, I couldn’t refuse. But I know I took a lot of time to write. You were amazingly patient and big hugs to you on that.

I am so happy to have written about my amazingly inspiring Patti – its just a facet of hers that I’ve shared.  If I am a freedom-loving individual with a penchant for food and related activities and to make a business out of it, the whole credit goes to my Patti. She inspired me personally and genetically too !
Am glad that you asked me to write for your blog, Janu.

Much love

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11 Replies to “When I wrote for my friend”

  1. Wow! Pattis (Ammamma or Achamma for us) and Thathas (Muthachan or Achachan for us) are such treasures that life gave us. Every word of yours reminded me of my own grandparents. Loved reading about you Patti and her independent nature.


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