There’s this new tag doing the rounds now, which is #100HappyDays, where people post a picture a day depicting their most happy moment for 100 days !

I wanted to do that tag…so badly, but couldn’t, due to various reasons. So, I made this post about the 10 happy things that are always doing the rounds around my home 😀

It may appear as small things or really petty ones, but it did bring a smile on our face, made us more happy than before – such small treasures of happiness are what that makes this world go round and round. The contentment and joy of those small things which makes us tremendously happy is something to experience and live through.


A long drive always rejuvenates the soul, esp for me 😀


The girls splashed paint and color for one whole day and finally came up with this poster. Loved it !



Colored headphones made the daughter smile and me too 😀



This quilt was hand-stitched by my elder one for her elder cousin-sister as her wedding gift. The thought of such a gift to her sister is so touching and made me smile more 😀



The Drummer at home, my younger one, always makes us happy with a beat or two 😀 We are proud of her 🙂



Happiness is balloon shooting at the beach. What do you say ?? 😀



To quote Nigella – “I am the happiest, when I am in the kitchen” 😀
Happiness is cooking for the family 😀



Happiness is cake baking in the oven…that intoxicating baking smell, the anticipation that the cake should come out well is still the same even after many years of baking  🙂



Cloud watching should feature in the list of happy things. We three girls, always love to sit in our balcony, gaze at the sky, laugh / amaze at cloud patterns. This collage is a collection of recently clicked sky-watch pictures.

Omnia Pics1


Finally, there is happy news which I want to share with all you readers of my blog – My blog has been shortlisted for BlogAdda Blog Awards in the Personal Category. Its thanks to all your readership, that the Jury has shortlisted my blog. Being made to the shortlisted category is itself a big win for me and I am tremendously happy to be there.

To make my blog win, please do click on the following link and like my blog there.


Its been a long journey in this blog world and I feel so happy to have made so many friends through this blog of mine !


27 Replies to “#10HappyThings”

    1. Sounded like your Ten on Tuesday right ?? 😛
      Anyway, am glad you enjoyed 😀
      You just said it right – these small things measure big in our lives !!


  1. I and my husband watch the morning sun coming out of the clouds everyday and have got lots of pictures to share here!

    I used to bake and love the smell…remember the smell!

    Cooking used to be my happy hobby. Now, boring!

    Drummer at home? Great! Good for relaxation! Do you do it too? It is good!

    Handstitched quilt is lovely! The person who is getting it is lucky! No one does these works nowadays!

    Long drive is always fun!

    Good to know you, Uma!

    Congratulations for the Blog adda pick!


    1. So wonderful to read this 10 point comment Sandhya …am happy 😀
      I don’t drum yet…its my daughter so far !
      Yes, that hand stitched quilt was so beautifully done…
      Start your photo blog and share your pics na…


  2. voted.. i am sure you will win.. :). painting is always fun indeed.. after i learnt to drive, it gives me a free bird feeling when i am road.. it has given me freedom to travel alone midnight too.. :).. just loved all the clicks..


  3. Such a happy post Uma! Loved all the pics! That hand-stitched quilt is just so beautiful!

    May you find find happiness in every li’l moment of life like this, Ums! Stay smiling 🙂


  4. Wow, awesome list Uma! I totally hear you on that bit about anticipation when baking, even after having done it so many times before.

    You have a drummer child! wow!

    Loved the peace, love & music poster. What more can one ask for, eh?

    Congratulations on the shortlist Uma! ((((((hugs)))))


    1. Thanks Afshan 🙂
      Yeah, happy things are those which make you comfortable and absolutely content with life !! Mine are those simple joys in life 🙂
      Hi-5 on that !!


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