She came home with a big suitcase, all happy and thrilled about the thought of being home for a long time.

The things which she left behind didn’t matter anymore.

Like a whiff of fresh air, she made everyone happy.

But now, she left, the love of her family.

The holidays were over in a jiffy !

Written for BlogAdda’sĀ WOW ā€“ Love Sho(r)ts !

(Picture courtesy : Google)


26 Replies to “She…”

    1. Awww…hugs Susan dear…I can so understand. If this story is the mother’s side of the story, then the daughter’s is not too far away. Yday, my daughter called and told me that she read my post and was missing me.


  1. Very well written šŸ™‚ Reminded me of my sister – before her marriage she worked in Bangalore and used to come home to our family in Hyderabad, give the family lots of love and she’d be gone again and we’d keep counting days until her next visit šŸ™‚


  2. My younger son is at IHM Chandigarh and is missed terribly. Though the boys stay with their dad it is a solace that they are in the same city. Whenever he comes home its a joy doubled. Warm hug to you and your girl Uma. Sometimes I feel incomplete coz of not having a daughter but then posts like this warm my heart. Love and blessings to her.


    1. See, a mommy is able to understand what I go through !! Thanks Tiku…am happy to see you here šŸ™‚
      Awww…hugs to you too…of course, having a daughter is one of the greatest joys. But your sons are too good…do not feel incomplete !!!


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