New Year and Resolutions !

“I am starting on a diet, to reduce my weight”
“I am going to hit the gym, from this Jan 1st”
“I am going to stop smoking / drinking / etc…”

As New Year approaches, these are some of the statements, I hear, being pronounced by people, spare the mike.  It’s all very good resolutions. Changing for the better is always welcome.  And of course, when done as a group, motivation is quite high and things might work out very well.

But I slightly beg to differ in regard to these resolutions.  For me, the will to change something has to happen from inside and not because of a particular date or the advent of a New Year.  I feel that the day I want to change for the better, I should start implementing it in my lifestyle.

I’ve been wanting to do yoga for sometime now.  Of course, I attended a course and was a regular at the classes for 4 months. So, sort of know the regime and the asanas to do on the 5 days of the week. I am unable to attend class now and I seriously want to do at least pranayamams everyday. There is no internal discipline in me to do this and I am embarrassed about not doing it for the past year.  If I don’t have the will to get up early and spend some time for yoga, how will a New Year or a resolution help me?  I am seriously critical of myself for not doing it and I push myself into doing it everyday. The push has to be there everyday not just on a New Year. What do you say ?

I even took a resolution of not drinking fizzy drinks. First they are too much on the sugar and then the thought “Why can’t I help the local tender coconut water guy to benefit ?” – all these helped me to decide on that resolution.  But what happened ?? I was pushed into a situation, where we were on a long drive and I was absolutely thirsty and no tender coconut water around. To avoid being dehydrated, I had to buy some sugary fizz drink and solve the situation.  I lacked will power that day – my pledging resolution didn’t help me.

But, once I decided to stop drinking tea, I could do it easily, thank God for that strong will power in this regard.  Its been 4 months now and I am not even tempted when I prepare tea for others.

The kind of resolutions associated with dates or New Year never tend to hold on long.  I’ve seen people tell me “From tomorrow I’ll stop eating oily food” – That tomorrow never came !!  It’s always the same statement and same lack of will power to do it immediately.

So, for all the resolutions to work, the key character that should be inside every person is WILL POWER. If such a thing is there in you or if you can cultivate it and make it strong, then any change is a breeze. There is no need to wait for any New Year to make a resolution. Just at the click of the hand, things can change for us – for the better.

Today, sitting here, I pray to God to grant me that will power, with which I can change myself for the better and also make my resolutions to happen !


31 Replies to “New Year and Resolutions !”

  1. Well said! Any resolution to do something good for our own self or others should not be dictated by a special day or date. It should be like ‘जहाँ आँख खुले वंही सवेरा’. And yes, all these resolutions are successful only when the desire comes from within!! Wishing you the very best in 2014! Cheers 🙂


    1. Thanks Shilpa and I should appreciate your will power to go for the blogging marathon this month – that surely needs will power 😀
      Wishing you a great 2014 !!


  2. hahahah! I do agree. If I look back, every new year I make a resolution to lose weight and then fail miserable. So this year the resolution is to get fitter :):)

    Wishing you and family a super duper 2014. To many more non tea days and will power filled weeks 🙂


    1. Thanks R’s mom…I really need that wish 🙂
      Absolutely…the target should be easily reachable for us so that we get motivated to go that extra mile !!
      Happy 2014 !!


  3. You want to start a new thing/stop a bad habit, do it NOW. Why wait for a new year to come by? All these new year fads are just that – fads.

    Having said that, wish you a wonderful 2014 sweetheart!! May it be a lovely year for you! 🙂


    1. Who said its bad ?? 😛
      I just stopped it, as the amount of sugar per cup is not small and the no of cups per day is not less…so, I had to opt for something !!! 😉


  4. totally agree with you on new year resolutions! we succeed in our resolutions depending on our priorities 🙂
    btw why no tea? i switched to tea to get rid of coffee 🙂


  5. My weight loss, rather eat healthy goal get derailed every year around Diwali. I get it back on track for about a month when end of year, parties, family, good food comes along. Two weeks and soon after Jan 1, I get back to my healthy eating and exercising routine. In that sense it restarts from New Years. And I am OK with it. It kind of gives me the freedom for a couple of weeks a year to let go, slack off and motivates me even more to do better for the rest of the year 🙂
    Hope 2014 is good for you Uma!


    1. The general idea to eat healthy is always there in you – I think thats the best thing. And thats what motivates you to do well the rest of the year…so its all the more good. Had you resisted all the cravings, it would’ve been difficult. Hugs Comfy…wishing you a great year ahead with the sweet little darlings of yours 🙂


  6. Will power is what is needed Uma.. Loved this simple and profound post.
    Welcome to the exercise club. I am going to be harsh on myself to reduce weight starting frm this week 🙂 This is a realisation more than resolution as I HOGGED on food on account of many events !
    Glad to see a post coming up just when I was abt to post mine 🙂
    do read mine too


    1. You just relax when I come there ok ??? I need you to hog on food with me 😛
      Exercise club…I am waiting for it to happen to me 😀
      Waiting for your post now !!


  7. Hello Umaji, felt so good reading your recent posts 🙂 You have a wonderful blog, visited here through Saritha’s blog 🙂

    Yes, I agree that for any resolution to work, determination and will power are the keys!! 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Charan 🙂


  8. I agree when you say we don’t need to wait for a particular day to bring about change.

    I hope you do accomplish all you set out to do, Uma! I resolve to eat your handmade goodies some day! There!!!!!!! 😀



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